Remember when phones actually looked different from one another? Sharp does.

While most phones on sale today look pretty similar to each other, Sharp and Sprint are about to unleash a phone which looks suitably different to truly standout. It's the Aquos Crystal with its edge-to-edge screen, and we need to embrace…

Woz isn’t impressed with smartwatches, but says there’s still hope for Apple’s iWatch

Steve Wozniak says that smartwatches are a tough sell and more of a novelty item, but he thinks Apple's iWatch could change all that. He does want a bigger screen, though.

Apple tightens HealthKit privacy policy in bid to protect users’ health data

Ahead of its imminent launch of iOS 8 and its HealthKit platform, Apple has updated its privacy policy warning health-app developers not to sell or pass on any collected personal data to advertising platforms, data brokers, or information…
Home Theater

NFL Mobile and Sportscenter apps raise the ante for more coverage away from home

The NFL and ESPN today released updated versions of their NFL Mobile and Sportscenter apps respectively giving select subscribers more options to catch live sports and events away from home.

Apple sends out invites to September 9 event — Here comes the iPhone 6!

Apple issued invitations to a press event on September 9. The iPhone 6 and perhaps the iWatch are expected to launch at the event.

How willing are you to sell your privacy for $100 a month?

Luth Research is offering San Diego County residents the opportunity to earn $100 a month in exchange for analysis of their data. Data includes their location, website viewing habits, and search entries, among others.

Which gadgets to buy refurbished, how to to buy them, and where

Electronics can be expensive. Big brands and cutting edge specs come at a premium. What do you do if you can’t afford the price tag? You could always consider taking the refurbished route to secure yourself a decent discount.

Apple fails to secure sales ban on Samsung smartphones as U.S. patent battles rumble on

Apple's attempt to secure a sales ban on a number of Samsung handsets that were recently judged to have infringed patents belonging to the Cupertino company was rejected by a California court Wednesday.

iWatch may debut on September 9 alongside both iPhone 6 models

Apple may unveil the iWatch at its September 9 event along with both iPhone 6 models. The iWatch will also reportedly work with HealthKit and HomeKit from iOS 8.

Is this hot dog really the iPhone 6?

YouTube user Doldo411 decided to bestow upon us the iPhone 6, Apple's rumored flagship due out sometime this fall. The thing is, it's not the iPhone 6 you might be looking for.

Lock in that heart rate with Jabra’s new Sport Pulse wireless headphones

Jabra's new wireless headphones are the latest to add heart rate monitoring to their arsenal, designed to integrate with the company's Jabra Sport Life app for Android and iOS to tailor your workout down to the last detail. But can they…

T-Mobile offers up to $50 off all iPhone models, Galaxy S5, LG G3, and more

T-Mobile discounted all the main flagship smartphones up to $50. Every iPhone model, the Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, and HTC One M8.