RIP iPod Classic, we’ll miss you and your iconic click wheel

Apple discontinued the iPod Classic after its September 9 keynote, in which it announced the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch.

All eyes are on Apple. Here’s what’s coming, and how to watch today’s event live

Apple will livestream the iPhone 6 and iWatch event on September 9 starting at 10 a.m. PST. Here's how to watch it and what we expect to see at the event.

U2 to play ‘significant part’ in Apple’s iPhone event Tuesday

U2 will reportedly play a "significant part" at Apple's much-anticipated media event Tuesday morning, though presumably not so significant that the band steals the limelight from Apple's new iPhone.

Adam Levine tweets from an iPhone after promoting Milk Music for Samsung

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 tweeted from an iPhone after promoting Milk Music for Samsung at Galaxy note 4 event in New York City. He joins the ranks of Samsung celebrity endorsers who've used iPhones instead.

Want to trade in your old iPhone? T-Mobile will match other carriers and add $50 extra

T-Mobile will match any carrier's smartphone trade-in offer and add $50 extra if you find a better deal. The trade-in promotion will kick off a week after the iPhone 6 is expected to launch.

Selfie craze goes to people’s heads with brush that combs hair, takes photos

The Selfie Brush is the perfect tool for those conscious about the look of their hair in their selfies or any photo. The brush doubles as a smartphone case that lets you make calls while you're brushing your hair.

Siri’s tougher brother Vito will stop you from uploading those nude photos

Watch the sketch that showcases comedian Jimmy Kimmel's solution to iCloud's security problem: A tougher older brother for Siri who won't always let you have your own way with your revealing pictures.

Don’t wait! 10 things we know about the iPhone 6 right now

iPhone 6 isn't quite here yet, but loose lips and little birdies have already spilled most of the most important details -- and we're looking at one of the most dramatically revamped iPhones yet.

Apple hires renowned designer Marc Newson to work with Jony Ive

Apple has confirmed the hire of one of the world's leading designers, Marc Newson. Among his previous work you'll find bicycles, sculptures, yachts and — perhaps significantly — luxury watches.

A giant iPhone 6 is great, but we really need a giant iPhone 6 battery

Apple has fallen behind when it comes to battery life, and it needs to catch up. The iPhone 6 will be packed full of cool new features, but the one feature everyone wants is more time away from the charger.