Which gadgets to buy refurbished, how to to buy them, and where

Electronics can be expensive. Big brands and cutting edge specs come at a premium. What do you do if you can’t afford the price tag? You could always consider taking the refurbished route to secure yourself a decent discount.

Apple fails to secure sales ban on Samsung smartphones as U.S. patent battles rumble on

Apple's attempt to secure a sales ban on a number of Samsung handsets that were recently judged to have infringed patents belonging to the Cupertino company was rejected by a California court Wednesday.

iWatch may debut on September 9 alongside both iPhone 6 models

Apple may unveil the iWatch at its September 9 event along with both iPhone 6 models. The iWatch will also reportedly work with HealthKit and HomeKit from iOS 8.

Is this hot dog really the iPhone 6?

YouTube user Doldo411 decided to bestow upon us the iPhone 6, Apple's rumored flagship due out sometime this fall. The thing is, it's not the iPhone 6 you might be looking for.

Lock in that heart rate with Jabra’s new Sport Pulse wireless headphones

Jabra's new wireless headphones are the latest to add heart rate monitoring to their arsenal, designed to integrate with the company's Jabra Sport Life app for Android and iOS to tailor your workout down to the last detail. But can they…

T-Mobile offers up to $50 off all iPhone models, Galaxy S5, LG G3, and more

T-Mobile discounted all the main flagship smartphones up to $50. Every iPhone model, the Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, and HTC One M8.

Apple reportedly working on 13-inch iPad, due out in 2015

A new report revealed that Apple is working on a 12.5-inch iPad. It will reportedly be available in early 2015, with no specific date given. As expected, Apple did not comment, though such an iPad would make sense for enterprise.

LA schools halt plan to give students iPads after contract concerns, meddling kids

In a memo sent to the Los Angeles School Board of Education, Superintendent John Deasy revealed that the ambitious plan to distribute iPads to its students is dead before arrival. The program currently uses laptops instead of iPads.

T-Mobile will double your data if you add a tablet

T-Mobile will now double your data if you add a tablet to your Simple Choice Plan. The deal kicks off on September 3 and is a limited-time promotion with no definitive end date.

Sorry guys, this isn’t the iPhone 6 — China Telecom leak is a concept design

China Telecom recently leaked a picture of an iPhone 6 concept design, claiming that it was the real thing. Several news outlets reported the story.

Apple launches limited battery replacement program for iPhone 5

Potentially ideal for anyone with a qualifying iPhone 5 device, Apple has quietly launched a battery replacement program for anyone that is having trouble keeping their smartphone charged.

Google has already taken down hundreds of Swing Copters clones

Google has reportedly removed hundreds of clones of Swing Copters, Dong Nguyen's follow-up to Flappy Bird. The clones prevented the original game from becoming the top search result for "Swing Copters."