More than 25 percent of a smartphone’s price may come from patent royalties

Two lawyers from Apple’s law firm during its patent trial against Samsung and an executive from Intel have released a paper that shows how much consumers pay for patent royalties on an average smartphone.

Amazon Prime may add music streaming for a limited selection of songs

Amazon might just give everyone another reason to pay $99 for an Amazon Prime subscription. The company will reportedly add music streaming to its already impressive library of Prime content.

Betaworks introduces Dots sequel: TwoDots

Dots made mobile gaming beautiful. Now, the app's creator, Betaworks, has released its sequel: TwoDots. TwoDots is a bit more complicated than the original, but just as beautiful, if not more so. Will it be the next mobile gaming craze?

Samsung’s Simband smartwatch could tell the doctor you’re ill before you know yourself

Samsung looks to the future of medical technology with Simband, a prototype smartwatch. The device contains a plethora of sensors to measure your vital signs and uploads them to SAMI, the sensor data cloud where all your info is stored.

Pocket Premium lends permanence to your digital library

Pocket reaches for your wallet with new paid Premium app. Pocket Premium lets you save articles in a permanent archive, search for content faster, and automatically tag your clippings. The new features will cost you, though.

Apple’s Eddy Cue says its 2014 product range is the best he’s seen in 25 years

Apple's Eddy Cue, speaking in an interview, has stated that the company's forthcoming new product range is the best he has seen in 25 years. We've had the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and many other popular devices in that time, making it a very big…

From food to sleep to weight, Nudge tracks every fitness metric inside one app

Ever wish you could throw Moves, Run Keeper, and all your other fitness apps in one place? Nudge lets you do just that and also helps you track your nutrition, sleep, and well-being.

Apple makes Beats buy official, to the tune of $3 billion

After weeks of rumors and speculation, Apple made its move today, purchasing Beats Electronics for $3 billion. The deal will see Apple acquire Beats hardware, Beats Music, and new partners in the form of Iovine and Dre who will come on…
Android Army

China to leapfrog the U.S. in mobile phone revenue, according to report

According to a report by Strategy Analytics, China is poised to overtake the United States in global mobile phone revenue. However, the firm says the United States remains a profitable market, though it predicts sales will stagnate.

Apple and Paypal respond to ‘Find my iPhone’ ransom scare

A slew of iPhones, iPads, and Macs have been hacked in Australia. The devices are being held ransom by an unknown hacker, who used the Find my iPhone feature to lock users out of their own devices.

After 1 user was hacked, Spotify issues a patch

Spotify acknowledged that one user's account was hacked recently. Although no other users were affected and no sensitive personal data was compromised, Spotify issued a software update and told customers to change their passwords.

Kids react with surprise, shock, and laughs to a decades-old Apple computer

What happens when you put a decades-old computer in front of some modern-day kids? You can see for yourself here.