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Report: New Apple TV set-top box is expected for first half of 2014

Definitely good news for anyone that's waiting for a hardware upgrade to the nearly two-year old Apple TV, Apple is expected to upgrade the streaming set-top box within the next six months.

New Pixelmator update aims to take advantage of the new Mac Pro’s hardware

The newest version of Pixelmator is optimized to take advantage of the hardware found in the Mac Pro, the redesigned, cylindrical desktop which recently hit the market. Read on to learn more about the update.

Awkward moment occurs between Bill Gates, Jimmy Fallon, and a MacBook

Jimmy was a bit uncomfortable at one point during his sit-down with tech legend Bill Gates, and rightfully so, for Fallon had a certain rival company's product on his desk during the interview.

30 years ago, Apple threw the hammer at IBM with the infamous 1984 ad

Thirty years ago Apple, declared war on IBM with its famous "1984" Super Bowl advertisement. In just one minute, the company defined itself as an underdog that would save personal computers from the clutches of all-powerful Big Blue. Today…

Future MacBooks could have trackpads without buttons

The MacBook's trackpad could see some significant changes down the line. One of these twists could the dismissal of its integrated buttons, if a new patent awarded to Apple is any indication.

Cracked iPhone 5C screens should now be fixed in your local Apple Store for $150

Apple has reportedly added the iPhone 5C to the list of smartphones it can repair inside its retail stores. It'll now replace cracked iPhone 5C screens while you wait for $150.

Jackery Leaf charging case can double your iPhone 5S battery life

Perhaps ideal for anyone that runs out of battery power by the end of the workday, the Jackery Leaf charging case helps you keep using your iPhone without having to carry around a charging cable.

We try hiding our secrets with ‘Confide,’ the Snapchat of text and emailing

Have some messages to send that shouldn't fall into the wrong hands? Confide app will make your message disappear after being read and obscures screenshot opportunities by making recipients scroll over text to view it.

Apple’s Mac Pro ship dates pushed back to March in U.S., Europe, more

Oh Apple, what the fudge? First, the Mac Pro's shipping date was shoved from December to February. Now, some places won't be getting it until March. We can't really believe it either.
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Google’s Chrome for Mobile update may reduce data usage by 50 percent

Definitely useful for anyone that's concerned about using too much data while on LTE, the new version of Google Chrome for Mobile reduces data usage substantially through compression.

Reader poll: would you buy an Apple Mac Pro or a PC equivalent?

Our reader poll asks you, the consumer, whether you'd buy a $9,599 Apple Mac Pro desktop, or a Windows-based PC equivalent? Read on to size up the two options and make your voice heard.

34 helpful tips and hidden tricks for iOS 7

A new control center, notifications, camera app, and a host of other features are wrapped up in the new, all-singing, all-dancing, colorful iOS 7 platform. Want to find out what else it can do? Check out our iOS 7 tips.