Open Pandora Radio’s box with these 9 tips

Believe it or not, Pandora's Internet radio service revolutionized the way people listen to music well before Spotify and Beats Audio came into the picture. Check out our simple list of the best tips and tricks for getting the most out of…

After only 11 days, ‘Moves’ abandons promise, starts sharing all data with Facebook

After originally stating that it would not commingle data with Facebook, Moves updated its privacy policy to now reflect its sharing of information with its affiliates, which include Facebook.

Google Maps for iOS and Android adds Uber integration, lane guidance, and more

Today's mega update to Google Maps for iOS and Android brings with it Uber integration, lane guidance, and improved offline support, among several other features.
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Apple-Samsung jury recalculates damages award after error, but amount stays at $119.5m

The latest Apple-Samsung patent trial wrapped up in San Jose, California on Monday after the jury corrected an error in its damages award. However, Samsung must still pay Apple the same amount: $119.5 million.

Cyclist arrested for recording an officer during a red light stop

A NYC cyclist was pulled over by an undercover police officer in late March for running a red light. Unfortunately, recording the officer as he approached got the cyclist unlawfully arrested.

6 vigilantes who used Find My iPhone to confront phone thieves

Find My iPhone has given people the power to reclaim their lost iPhones and help authorities get them back, though it has also emboldened them to confront their would-be thieves face-to-face. Here are 7 times when people did just that.

Apple EarPods could include heart rate sensor and iBeacon (Update: It was a hoax)

According to an anonymous leaker, Apple will update the EarPods to include heart rate and blood pressure sensors, as well as iBeacon technology. The new earbuds will reportedly debut when iOS 8 drops.

Mid-2014 MacBook Air hard drives run slower than last year’s models, benchmarks show

According to some new benchmark results, the hard drives in the new MacBook Air are slower than the disks in the 2013 versions of Apple's super-light notebook. You can learn more here.

A Snapchat update causes chaos in a Kansas high school classroom

Snapchat updated its app to incorporate real-time messaging and video chat. Unfortunately, for one Kansas high school science teacher, the update caused quite the disruption in her classroom.

Swatch opposes Apple’s iWatch trademark, says it’s too similar to own iSwatch moniker

Swatch has raised concerns about Apple's registration of the 'iWatch' name as a trademark, claiming it looks and sounds too similar to its own iSwatch device. The company says it's contacted authorities in all the countries where the name…

Apple’s WWDC to focus on software, with not an iWatch or new Apple TV in sight, apparently

If you were hoping to see Apple unveil its much-anticipated iWatch or a refreshed Apple TV at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco next month, then it looks like you're going to be sorely disappointed.

Lunecase uses excess iPhone energy to light LED notifications on case

Potentially useful when you need to keep an eye on your iPhone's notifications, the Lunecase provides visual notifications for calls and texts on the back of the case all powered by existing electromagnetic energy.