Foxconn workers went on strike, but for a different reason than the one you’re thinking

Roughly 1,000 Foxconn workers went on strike last week demanding an increase in overtime hours. The decrease was due to a reduced order by HP, with negotiations between workers and corporate lasting several hours.

Apple boasts about super speedy iPhone 6 release, keeps up the pace for October

Apple has confirmed it will launch the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in an additional 36 new countries around the world between now and the end of October, making it the fastest rollout yet.
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Bose kit is about to be pulled from the Apple Store (Updated)

If you want to pick up some Bose kit straight from the Apple website, you'd better be quick — rumors suggest that Apple is about to ditch the audio company's gear to focus on its own Beats products.

Apple to broadcast the reveal of its new slates and systems live on its site

Apple will be live streaming its upcoming showcase. Here's what you'll need in order to tune in.

Ampy converts a 30-minute run into 3 hours of battery life

Ampy, which has an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, is a mobile charger that captures energy from your motion and turns it into power to charge your USB-chargeable device. The campaign has amassed almost $62,000 out of $100,000.

Apple Watch graces the cover of Vogue China, as iPhone 6 preorders top 1 million in 6 hours

The Apple Watch will appear on model Liu Wen's wrist on the cover of China Vogue this November. Meanwhile, iPhone 6 preorders in China topped 1 million in just 6 hours.

Apple says 81 million iTunes users have ‘experienced’ the free U2 album so far

Despite all the fuss that followed Apple's move last month to offer U2's latest album for free via iTunes, the tech firm said this week that 81 million people around the world have so far "experienced" its songs.
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Apple CarPlay Review

Life with Apple CarPlay is peppered with potholes, but still a fun ride.

Meet the PanelPress, a tool that will unbend your iPhone, as long as you’re brave enough

A company called gTool announced the PanelPress, a device that will unbend your iPhone. While you'll need to be very careful when unbending your iPhone, it looks to do the job well. It's currently available for $300.

Fitbit decides to ignore Apple’s HealthKit for now, promises to think about it in the future

Fitness company Fitbit has said it has no current plans to integrate its own apps and wearables with Apple's new HealthKit, which was introduced with iOS 8. Things could change in the future though, and the firm is listening to feedback…

This iPhone case plays the music you want to hear, the way your ears want to hear it

The new SoundFocus Amp iPhone case will make listening to music an even more personal experience, by matching the audio played to your hearing, musical preferences, and the surrounding environment.

Is an iPhone worth as much as a house? It is in Detroit

How much is an iPhone 6 worth? To an Austrian man who is trying to ditch a property in Detroit, it's worth a two-story house. He's still accepting offers, so place your bids while you can.