Now you can take 360-degree photos with Google’s Photo Sphere Camera on iOS

Google added its 360-degree Photo Sphere camera app to iOS. Now, iPhone users can take panoramic shots of their locations and share them on Views, Street View, or social media.

One third of smartphone owners in the U.K. don’t care about apps at all

According to U.K.-based professional services firm Deloitte, 31 percent of smartphone owners in the U.K. don't download apps in the first month of ownership. In addition, nine out of ten don't spend money on apps.

Mailbox Mac OS X beta out now, introduces draft support, message snooze features

Mailbox, Dropbox's mail app, is coming to Mac OS X, and will bring a couple of new features along with it. Learn more here.

Wow, Xiaomi’s new Android UI is almost indistinguishable from iOS 7

Xiaomi is often accused of copying Apple's smartphone and iOS design elements, but its latest MIUI 6 update looks almost exactly like iOS 7 in several key ways.

Sony will offer discounted albums through iTunes for iOS users

Available now, Sony's "Album of the Day" app offers iPhone users discounted albums for download through iTunes. The app first launched in Germany back in March, though time will tell if it's successful in the U.S.

More than 25 million U.S. iPhone owners may be anxious to upgrade to the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 appears to be on track to make its long-anticipated debut at an Apple event on Sept. 9, and there will be a pool of more than 25 million current iPhone owners who are champing at the bit to make an upgrade.

The Galaxy Alpha is proof that Samsung is terrified of iPhone 6

The cynical Samsung Galaxy Alpha, and the copycat Amazon Fire Phone, are proof manufacturers are still running scared of the big, bad Apple iPhone.

Apple patent reveals possible future mouse with built-in sensors and vibration

This hypothetical rodent could use these built in sensors to detect how hard you're clicking on something.

Premium iPhone 6 models with sapphire glass may fetch a higher price

Apple may release premium versions of the iPhone 6 with sapphire screens in limited numbers. These sapphire glass iPhones might cost more, though. The iWatch may also get a sapphire screen.

5 tips to help you find the best deals on apps

Everyone loves a bargain, but who has time to hunt for them? Step inside for a look at how to find the best prices and the latest deals on the Android and iOS apps and games that you really want.

Apple bans use of two chemicals in part of iPhone and iPad assembly

Apple has announced it's banning the use of two chemicals used in the final production process of a number of its tech products, including the iPhone. The chemicals have been linked to illnesses such as leukemia and can also cause nerve…

Florida murder suspect asked Siri how to hide a body, then used flashlight app 9 times

According to prosecutors, a Florida man suspected of killing his roommate in 2012 asked Siri for advice as to how to hide a body. In addition, his phone's location data did not match where he claimed to be that night.