Dr. McCoy would be proud! Watch George Takei get a full physical exam from a smartphone

Star Trek actor George Takei takes a look at the most recent biotechnology: the Smartphone Physical. Using only a smartphone and a few accessories, Takei gets a full exam.
Product Review

Runtastic Orbit Review

Runtastic Orbit Review.

Siri may come to Mac OS X, an Apple patent suggests

An Apple patent published this week suggests we're edging ever closer to seeing Siri land on OS X. Titled "Intelligent digital assistant in a desktop environment," the document describes how the voice-activated feature could serve…
Android Army

iPhone makes gains in United States, hits 42 percent market share

According to statistics released by research firm comScore, Android continues to hold the number one spot in the United States. Meanwhile, iOS is nipping at its heels, with Windows Phone and BlackBerry very distant competitors.

Fleksy opens beta for Arabic and Chinese keyboards

Fleksy introduced the Arabic and Chinese keyboard betas on Thursday. The company also showed off a video demo of typing in Chinese with Fleksy as well as few images of its iOS 8 keyboard app.

Hands on: Foursquare’s rebuilt app wants you to stop bragging and start exploring

Foursquare 8.0 is a refreshing redesign that puts the focus on exploring great places instead of just checking in at hot spots. The new app customizes local searches in a colorful way.

Pebble announces three new, funky colors for its smartwatch

Pebble announced three new colors for the Pebble smartwatch: Fresh Green, Hot Pink, and Fly Blue. They are currently available for $150, with the target audience being the younger back-to-school crowd.

Hanging up the gloves? Apple and Samsung agree to drop all non-US patent cases

There have been hints and suggestions for a while now that Apple and Samsung might finally agree to drop their long-running and costly patent lawsuits against each other, and if you can believe it, the two tech titans actually…

In-flight cell phone calls may get banned by US gov’t

This December, the U.S. Department of Transportation will present a proposal that seeks to ban in-flight calling. People will have the ability to comment on the proposal after it is presented until February of next year.

Mini versions of flagship smartphones are too expensive, sales reportedly suffering

Manufacturers may be forced to rethink their "Mini" versions of popular high-end smartphones, if a new report suggesting sales are falling below expectations, is correct. Apparently, the high cost of these lesser devices is to blame.

Here’s how to make an iPad with an Etch-A-Sketch and Christmas lights

Making an iPad is as easy as throwing some chocolate cake, acid, an Etch-A-Sketch, and some peanut butter in a pillow case to ferment overnight, says Team Coco in a new DIY video spoof.

Larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 may sport a faster processor than the 4.7-inch model

New reports hint that Apple may give the rumored 5.5-inch iPhone 6 a slightly faster A8 processor, with more graphics processing cores, than the chip destined for use in the 4.7-inch model.