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Google officially replaces Quickoffice with Drive

Just days after Google announced native Word editing for Docs and other improvements to its productivity suite, it has removed Quickoffice. Google bought Quickoffice two years ago to improve its own apps.


iPatch case for iPhone protects your camera lens and privacy

If you've ever wanted to protect your iPhone's camera lenses from the elements, the iPatch case may be right for you. The case debuted in a new Headfunder campaign on Monday.


How to make ringtones for iPhone

No one likes to pay for ringtones (or seemingly anything for that matter). So why not keep the money and check out our quick guide for creating free, custom ringtones using iTunes, GarageBand and Fried Cookies' Ringtone Maker.


This miniature guitar turns your iPad into a music teacher and a recording studio

The Jamstik has gained a lot of fans since it first surfaced on Indiegogo. About a month before it gets shipped to early buyers, it resurfaced at CE Week, and it seems ready for its release.


Verizon outage not letting customers pay their bills, activate their devices (updated)

Many customers are reporting that Verizon's online systems are inaccessible and have been for well over 24 hours. Customers aren't able to pay their bills or activate their devices.


Snow Lizard debuts SLXtreme case for iPad to protect your tablet from Mother Nature’s fury

Snow Lizard is known for its super tough iPhone cases, but now it's adding a new iPad case called the SLXtreme. The case can withstand drops from 6 feet above and be submerged in 6 feet of water.


New Moment app aims to curb your iPhone addiction

A new app called Moment aims to help you kick your iPhone addiction by monitoring our smartphone use. You can also set limits for yourself and the app wills end you notifications when you've exceeded your limit.


Kensington debuts KeyFolio Thin X3: A keyboard that can charge your iPhone

Kensington introduced the KeyFolio Thin X3 keyboard at CE Week 2014. The thin keyboard folio offers a great typing experience on the iPad Air and it can even charge your iPhone at the same time.


Otterbox shows off new Agility series tablet cases, mounts, and folios at CE Week

Otterbox showed off its Agility Series tablet cases, folios, docks, and wall mount at CE Week 2014. The series allows you to bring your tablet with you everywhere and use it in any position.


Android Wear vs. iWatch: Which watch will wow your wrist?

Google recently unveiled Android Wear — a mobile operating system specifically designed for forthcoming smartwatches — but how does the software stack up against Apple's much-anticipated foray into the realm of wearable tech?


FireChat downloads spike in Iraq after censors block Facebook, Twitter

FireChat, the messaging app that works even without Internet connection, was downloaded in large numbers in Irag as the government blocks social media sites due to a terror threat from extremist Sunni militants ISIS.


Reader poll: Would you trade in your MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3?

Microsoft is offering a credit towards the purchase of a Surface Pro 3. In order to get it, you need to trade in a working MacBook Air. So, would you do it?


These Hacking Team tools give the government full access to your smartphone

Kaspersky Lab discovered a new remote-controlled trojan called Galileo that governments can use to gain full access to users' smartphones. The spyware can reportedly track your position on Google Maps, monitor your phone calls, and read your messages.


Over 250 Flappy Bird clones reportedly contain malware

According to security firm McAfee, 80 percent of Flappy Bird clones contain some kind of malware. While it's in the company's best interest to alert users of this, it's still prudent to practice smart tactics when it comes to sketchy applications and…