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Apple’s dominance of the smartphone market seen in profits more than sales

The modern day monopoly isn't found in steel or railroads, but rather in smartphones. While Steve Job's Apple empire may only comprise 20 percent of smartphone sales, it also boasts a stunning 92 percent of profits across the industry.


Ikea’s wireless charging furniture is like living in the future ... almost

Ikea wants its wireless charging furniture, including its lamp and charging pad, to be uber functional and easy to use. It succeeds -- but not without a few drawbacks.

  • Pros: Unique , Easy to use , Convenient
  • Cons: Charges slowly, heats phone a fair bit , Poorly designed…

The top 5 iOS games you need to check out this month

Finding good iOS games can take way too much time. Our resident gamer Joshua Smith luckily has you covered this July in this speedy rundown of the five latest favorites he's been playing. See gameplay, hear tips and so much more in this new episode of Game…


Now you’ll never know when your ex-friend deleted you: Facebook shut the app down

Every day, Facebook members are blindly “unfriended.” While Facebook doesn’t provide a feature to notify its users every time they are removed from someone’s friend’s list, Facebook just shut down a new app called Who Deleted Me that planned to fill…

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New iPod rumors: A 64-bit iPod Touch could launch in July with a Nano and Shuffle

The newest release of iTunes let slip something big: all-new iPods. One image in particular shows an iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle in new colors. It's unclear what internal changes are in store, if any.


iPad Pro rumors: The jumbo iPad may launch in November

Reports say Apple planned to mass produce a large screen iPad in late 2014, but considerable iPhone 6 demand has reportedly delayed the launch. It's unknown when it will make its debut, but that doesn't stop the rumors flowing.


Man apologizes after jumping on stage at Broadway show to charge his iPhone

It's tough when the battery in our phones is about to run out, but this man attending a Broadway show took it too far when he jumped up on stage and plugged his iPhone into a fake wall outlet.


Top 5 best iPhone games you need to play this week

It's always a challenge to find the best iPhone games, given the sheer amount of choice available, so to help you discover the best apps out this week, we've put together a handy list.


Here are the 5 apps you should download this week

It's more difficult than ever to seek out the best new apps released each week, even if you have the will to trawl through the app store on a regular basis. To make life easier, we've gathered our favorite app picks together in a handy list.


Apple gifts Greek users a free month of iCloud after financial squeeze

Due to the financial crisis in Greece, users can't make online payments at the moment, so Apple has decided to give iCloud subscribers a month's leeway for keeping their extra storage.


Weekly Rewind: Tinder for celebrities, Star Wars app launches, and more

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week -- just for you.


How to use Natural Language search in OS X 10.11

Apple's new OS X10.11 update, El Capitan, boasts a redesigned Spotlight function for quick local searches and information queries using "natural language." Here's how to use it.


Apple may face legal action over MacBook Pro screen stains

Thousands of users are reporting staining on their older MacBook Pro screens, and a class action suit may be in the pipeline — but Apple says there aren't any problems with the hardware.


Apple turns video producer to get you to switch to its music service

Would exclusive videos from some of the world's biggest names in music be enough to get you to pay up for Apple Music? Apple is hoping so, and a new clip from Drake is the first to appear.


Take a break and download our top 10 best iPhone apps for July

The iPhone App Store is full to bursting with interesting apps, but finding something fun can be challenging. To help out, we've done the hard work for you. Here are 10 apps, some classic and some new, that we're using this month.