A recent Apple patent could help you next time you shatter your phone's screen

A patent application from Apple surfaced that would use sensors to characterize and identify cracks on a phone's display cover. The technology could aid in diagnosis, repair, and product design.

iOS 10 problems and the solutions to deal with them

Apple's iOS 10 might be the latest version of the company's popular operating system, but it's not without faults. As with other iOS releases, we've scoured the internet to find the biggest iOS 10 problems and a few potential solutions.

AT&T caves to the competition, suddenly serves up a new unlimited data plan

AT&T, responding to pressure from Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, announced a new unlimited data plan that doesn't require customers to subscribe to its streaming television services.

AT&T earns top marks among wireless peers in recent J.D. Power surveys

AT&T has topped its wireless competitors in a pair of recent J.D. Powers surveys. It's the eighth time in a row the company has been specially recognized, and the first time its bested the industry average by 14 points.

Gfycat makes it easier for developers to make GIFs a part of their apps

Gfycat, one of the world's largest online GIF libraries, has launched a software developer kit that will tap into its growing collection of animated images. It's launching first with messaging app

MacBook Pro Touch Bar support added to Office 2016 for all users

Apple's MacBook Pro Touch Bar display is valuable only to the extent that developers update their apps to support it. The Touch Bar recently received an important new champion as Microsoft added support to Office 2016 for Mac.

The MotherBox Mini, launching on Indiegogo, can charge your phone wirelessly

The MotherBox, the brainchild of Columbia University-backed startup Yank Technologies, promises to imbue your phone with wireless charging capabilities. It's launching on Indiegogo.
Home Theater

Apple is reportedly testing the next-gen Apple TV featuring 4K, possibly HDR

Apple is reportedly working on a fifth-generation model of its Apple TV set-top box, complete with support for 4K Ultra HD resolution and "more vivid colors," which could mean HDR.

Don’t touch that outlet: Public chargers could let hackers steal your data

Security researchers have discovered clever methods that could allow hackers to disguise data-mining computers as public chargers. The attacks are frighteningly easy to execute on a mass scale.

Apple heads back to a familiar venue for WWDC 2017, sets date for event

Apple has confirmed that its 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference will be held in the event's original venue, the McEnery Conference Center in San Jose, California, after fifteen years elsewhere.

14 tips for a thriving Fallout Shelter 2:54

The wasteland can be an unfriendly place, assuming you don't know what you're doing! Here are 14 tips that will help your vault thrive in' Fallout Shelter.'

Guide to jailbreaking your iPhone running iOS 10

The latest Jailbreaking tools for iOS 10.2 are zJailbreak and Yalu102, and they make jailbreaking your iOS device easier than ever. This guide takes you through the entire process, and explains what jailbreaking will do for you.