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Make your mark with OS X Yosemite’s Mail Markup

Yosemite's Mail app includes a new Markup feature that lets users edit images and .PDF documents without opening them in a separate image editor. This is a convenient way to add notes or a signature in a matter of seconds. Here's how to use it.


Apple snaps up BookLamp to boost its ebook offerings

Is Apple about to revamp its ebook service? The company has confirmed its purchased a small startup called BookLamp, which deals in analyzing the DNA of ebooks and reading recommendations.


Android 4.4 vs. iOS 7 vs. Windows Phone 8: Which smartphone OS is best?

What’s the best smartphone platform of them all? We take a detailed look at the differences between the top three and try to pick a winner for various categories. Who will come out on top as we pit Android against iOS and Windows Phone?


Prepare to be throttled: Verizon Wireless to stifle subscribers’ unlimited data

Verizon will reportedly throttle subscribers' unlimited data plan speeds. The changes will go into effect on October 1. Previously, only those with 3G data experienced throttling.


Apple’s increased spending ahead of iPhone 6 launch hints at grand ambitions

Apple's increased spending on manufacturing, components, as well as research and development hint that the company is gearing up for huge product launches this fall. Many believe the iPhone 6 and iWatch are on their way.


Spotlight in OS X Yosemite: How to make the most of Apple’s new desktop gem

Spotlight, the desktop search utility in OS X, has received a significant update in Yosemite. In addition to its traditional features, Spotlight now offers Web-based results and a centered desktop search window that provides detailed information on whatever…


Jimmy Kimmel proves that we’ll buy iWatch just because it’s made by Apple

Jimmy Kimmel is messing with Americans again. This time, he passed off a $20 Casio watch as the upcoming Apple iWatch. Most of the people agreed that "if it's Apple, it's good."


Apple eyes mobile payments with wallet app for iPhone 6

Apple may introduce a mobile payment wallet app with the iPhone 6. Reports indicate that the new Apple Wallet app could use NFC, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth technology to purchase items.


How to send text messages and make phone calls with Mac OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite includes an awesome feature that lets you send text messages and make phone calls from your Mac through an iPhone connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Here's how to set it up start using it.


Hands on with OS X Yosemite: Apple’s desktop goes flat and phone friendly

Yosemite is Apple's next desktop operating system. Here's what we think of it so far.


Kinomatic app for iPhone promises pro-level video capturing, editing with little hassle

Kinomatic is a new video app for the iPhone that promises pro-level video capture and editing with an easy-to-use interface, including manual settings such as exposure, white balance, and crop ratio.


How Paper and Pencil transformed the iPad from a window to a canvas

Tablets have always been great for reading, watching and browsing, but FiftyThree’s wildly popular Paper app and Pencil stylus are unlocking the creative potential of users by making it easier to simply create.


Apple faces class-action lawsuit over alleged unfair work practices

Thousands of hourly-wage Apple workers – past and present – look set to take on the tech giant in court after a California judge gave a lawsuit against the company class-action status. The plaintiffs accuse Apple of violating California labor laws .


Mark Your Calendars: iPhone 6 to launch in mid-September with iOS 8

Sources say that Apple will launch the iPhone 6 in mid-September. It's unknown if both the 4.7 and 5.5-inch models will launch during the event. Meanwhile, iOS 8 appears to be on track for its launch alongside the iPhone.


Apple could release 12-inch Retina MacBook and 4K iMac or monitor late this year

A new report claims that Apple could be readying a new Retina MacBook and a 4K desktop or monitor for release this fall.