Apple reveals 25 studios responsible for malware scare

Apple has released a list of 25 apps that were infected with malware in its FAQ on XcodeGhost. The new malicious attack hit China a few days ago, with some of the most popular developers caught using faulty developer software.

The iPhone 6S can be yours for as little as $5 per month at T-Mobile

T-Mobile has seen a surge in pre-orders versus last year. To celebrate, the carrier is offering unheard-of pricing on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus when signing up with the Jump On Demand program.

Spec showdown: iPad Pro vs. iPad Air 2 2:59

Apple has revealed its newest tablet, the iPad Pro, a larger iteration of its flagship tablet series. How does it stack up against last year's iPad Air 2?

Battle of the phablets: iPhone 6S Plus vs. Galaxy Note 5 2:10

Apple is bringing out the big guns with the iPhone 6S Plus, and is ready to go toe-to-toe with Samsung's Galaxy Note 5. Find out what these super-sized smartphones are packing in this phablet spec comparison.

Apple has been rickrolling us this whole time

Apple has a subtle sense of humor — so subtle that no one noticed the Cupertino company has been rickrolling the public with its Apple Watch support page. Oh Apple, we're never gonna give you up, either.

Apple to alert affected users about major iOS security breach

Now it's had a chance to better assess the situation regarding malware-infected apps that have landed in its app store, Apple has posted a Q&A page explaining to iOS users what steps it's taking to help those affected and to stop it…
Product Review

Apple Watch Review (Updated for OS 2.0)

A fresh OS paves the way for better Apple Watch apps, but the road's still bumpy.

Google Wallet revamped to let you pay your friends easily on iOS

Google Wallet has been revamped for iOS, now focused on peer-to-peer payments from debit cards to instantly pay friends for debts owed, similar to PayPal.Me, Facebook Messenger payments, and SnapCash.

A Massachusetts teen says that the Apple Watch saved his life

High school football player Paul Houle gives full credit to his Apple Watch for saving his life after using the wearable to test his heart rate. Using the Watch to self-diagnose himself with intense chest and back pains, Houle knew…

iPhone 6S vs. iPhone 6S Plus: Spec showdown 1:29

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are the most capable iPhones to date, but how do they compare when stacked up against one another? Check out our in-depth spec comparison for a closer look.

Apple Watch at the ready? Feature-packed WatchOS 2 is out now

Apple has added many improvements and feature updates to the Apple Watch with WatchOS 2, including new watch faces and powerful native apps. The software was released on September 21 following a short delay.

Apple’s electric car may hit the road in 2019

Apple is reportedly pushing ahead with efforts to build an electric car, targeting 2019 as a launch date. A Wall Street Journal report on Monday also claims that the team working on the project is set to be increased in size from 600 to…