Flickr app for iOS 9 adds 3D Touch, Spotlight search for faster navigation

Flickr's updated app for iOS 9 adds support for 3D Touch. With a press and hold on the screen, you can now pull up Quick Actions and easier photo scrolling. You can also now search your Flickr photos via Spotlight.

Want a smartwatch without the stupid look? This clever disc upgrades any watch

If you love your regular watch, and hate smartwatches, but still secretly want smart functionality on your wrist, then the Chronos could be for you. It's a tiny disc that attaches to conventional watches, and enhances it with…

22 major problems with the iPhone 6, and what to do about them 1:50

Is your iPhone 6 acting up? Are you hunting for a workaround or a solution? From Bendgate to Bluetooth, we’ve got a list of issues. Come on in for a roundup of common iPhone 6 problems and fixes.

17 annoying problems with iOS 9, and how to fix them 1:49

Apple’s platform updates always bring new features, but there are usually some glitches, bugs, and issues as well. Here are the main iOS 9 problems people have been complaining about, with advice on how to fix them.

Drone offers a close-up of Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus

Construction workers building Apple's "spaceship" campus must be used to seeing drones buzzing overhead by now. Hobbyists keen to capture the site's development have been posting videos on YouTube ever since work on it started –…

Apple and its sapphire supplier finally shake hands and part ways (Updated)

GT Advanced Technologies filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company is one of Apple's main suppliers of sapphire glass screens, which are expected to arrive on the Apple Watch.

More than two-thirds of iOS devices users have upgraded to iOS 9

Apple's iOS 9.1 upgrade is gaining substantial traction among device users. According to the company, the adoption rate across iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners now stands at 66 percent.
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Circle with Disney lets you rule your household Internet with an iron fist 5:49

Circle with Disney is a device that connects to an Internet router, giving parents control over the kind of content their kids can access, and when it can be accessed.

Google’s Smart Reply for Inbox uses neural networks to generate possible email responses

Google's Smart Reply, a new feature rolling out to Inbox on Android and iOS, uses artificial intelligence to generate possible responses to email messages. It's surprisingly perceptive.

Patent shows how Apple might build a Force Touch keyboard for the next MacBook

Apple might be set to revolutionize another industry, as a patent it filed back in 2012 shows a type of keyboard that uses pressure pads rather than switches in keyboards.

Treat your new phone to one of these 15 fantastic iPhone 6S Plus cases

The iPhone 6S Plus is a beautiful blend of glass and aluminum, but you have got to protect it if you want to avoid scuffs, scratches, and cracks. Check out the best iPhone 6S Plus cases and safeguard your phone today.

A $1 million prize for hacking iOS 9 has been won, and the method used is about to be sold

An unnamed group of hackers have claimed the $1 million prize for hacking iOS 9 using sophisticated techniques, after the bounty was offered by security company Zerodium last month. The company plans to sell the hack to its customers.