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DxO launches new add-on iPhone camera with 1-inch sensor, shoots RAW

The DxO One is an add-on camera for iPhone that shoots high-quality images. It may be the best one yet – it sports a high-quality 1-inch sensor, and DxO claims full-frame DSLR-like image quality – but it won't come cheap.


Apple will give its retail locations a ‘premium’ feel starting in July

In addition to reducing its stock of third-party products, Apple will be unveiling a new interior design for its retail stores in July. Its accessories are rumored to be packaged in primarily white.


Apple hit with $647,000 fine in Taiwan for forcing carriers to accept its iPhone prices

The Taiwan FTC levied Apple with a $647,000 fine for forcing carriers to adhere to its iPhone pricing. Apple can appeal the decision, but the case could set a precedent for other countries to follow.


2015 Father’s Day gift guide

Not sure what to get your old man this year? Check out this guide. We've rounded up the most dad-friendly tech toys on the market to help you out

Now you can spout your political opinions on this new app instead of Facebook

Brigade Beta is a new app for iOS and Android that lets users express what they think about important political issues. The app comes from Napster founder Sean Parker and his team.


Report: Mac OS X and iOS security flaws allow for password theft

A team of researchers from universities including the Georgia Institute of Technology have found that Apple’s iOS and OS X have major zero-day security flaws. As it turns out, malware can easily penetrate Mac OS X and iOS to steal passwords.


Finally you can reserve an Apple Watch and pick it up in-store

If you've been waiting until you can see the exact model of Apple Watch you want to buy on your wrist before you take it home, wait no more: the Apple Watch Reserve & Pickup program is rolling out today.


Back up your iPhone to your computer with these 6 iTunes alternatives

Living in fear of losing all of the contacts, photos, messages, and notes on your iPhone? Fear no more! We show you how to save your device from mayhem and data destruction with these easy backup tools.


Twitter will now autoplay videos in your timeline by default

Realizing that it took too many steps to play native video, Twitter's latest update will autoplay all native videos, Vines, and GIFs within users timelines. Users can also opt out of the new feature if they wish.


Starbucks addicts can now order cotton candy frappuccinos with an app at 4,000 stores

Starbucks addicts can now order their coffee with the new Mobile Order & Pay app update. Mobile orders only work in 4,000 stores so far, but Starbucks plans to roll out the update nationwide in 2015.


iPad Pro rumors: Apple’s iOS 9 code reveals stunning high-resolution screen

Reports say Apple planned to mass produce a large screen iPad in late 2014, but considerable iPhone 6 demand has reportedly delayed the launch. It's unknown when it will make its debut, but that doesn't stop the rumors flowing.


Misfit connects all your devices with its new Web dashboard and adds IFTTT compatibility

Misfit added a new Web-based dashboard to help users visualize their fitness data more easily. IFTTT integration and smart home controls were also added to the Misfit Flash wearable.


At $15, the Xiaomi Mi is the fitness band bargain you need to buy

Is it really possible to buy a decent fitness band for less than the price of a round of drinks? That’s the question we asked when strapping on the Xiaomi Mi Band -- and ended up…

  • Pros: Comfortable and lightweight , Long-lasting battery , Very…
  • Cons: Limited visual encouragement , Occasionally questionable…

Facebook Moments auto-tags your friends, so it’s easier to share pictures

Facebook is launching a new standalone app, Moments, that makes it easier to exchange photos with friends. Moments is launching in the U.S. on iOS and Android. You can download Moments from the App Store or Google Play.


This won’t end well: See a $10,000 Apple Watch Edition come between two very big magnets

Just because the Apple Watch Edition costs at least $10,000, doesn't mean no-one is willing to give it a hard time, but this video takes it to the extreme. See what happens when the expensive gadget comes between two massive magnets.