A Paint-esque app does exist on your Mac — and here’s how to find it

It might seem like Mac OS X doesn't come with an Apple equivalent to Paint, but it's merely hidden inside Preview. Here's how to find, and use, each tool that comes with the simple image editor.

A fire broke out at Foxconn’s main iPhone plant, but there’s no cause for concern

A fire broke out at Foxconn's main iPhone assembly plant in Zhengzhou, but no casualties were reported and production wasn't affected. It's the fourth such fire in the past seven years.

Willing to spend at least $1,100? Apple has started selling the Hermès Apple Watch online

Apple announced its partnership with Hermès in 2015, and in early 2016, the retail store exclusivity ended with Apple selling the watch through its online store. Good news for fashion fans, but the bad news is you'll still need at least…

Check out this week’s top five apps: Exploding Kittens, Movesum, Crashlands, and more

Explore a whole planet in Crashlands, or ring up a group of friends to play Exploding Kittens on iOS -- this week's list of engaging apps will keep you preoccupied. Check out the five top apps of the week.

Exploding Kittens is now available as an app in the Apple App Store

Exploding Kittens, a card game that somehow managed to become the most-backed game in Kickstarter history as well as the campaign with the most number of backers ever is now an app.

Find my iPhone keeps sending concerned owners to the same wrong house in Atlanta

For some (annoying) reason, the generally well-regarded and useful Find My iPhone app has been sending the owners of missing smartphones straight to the Atlanta home of Christina Lee and Michael Saba since February 2015.

Aging iPhone? Speed it up with these 10 tricks

Is your aging iPhone slowing to a crawl? Are you looking for some easy ways to bring your iPhone back up to speed? Step inside for some handy tips and tricks that will likely boost performance.

The head of Apple’s electric car project is leaving the company

The head of Apple’s electric car project, Steve Zadesky, is reportedly leaving the company for personal reasons. Zadesky joined Apple in 1999 after working as an engineer at Ford Motor Company.
Virtual Reality

Apple just hired Virginia Tech professor and VR expert Doug Bowman

In a suspected attempt to join the likes of Microsoft, Facebook, and Sony on the VR bandwagon, Apple has hired Doug Bowman, a former Virginia Tech computer science professor and HoloLens grant winner.

WhatsApp cozies up to Facebook: Beta app build offers to ‘improve my Facebook experience’

A new beta build of WhatsApp has an option that allows WhatsApp to share data with Facebook to "improve my Facebook experience." Screenshots also show a document manager is likely on the way.

Microsoft launches Office Insider for Mac users, promising early updates for enthusiasts

Office Insider is no longer Windows-only. Mac users can now opt in to get early updates for Office for Mac 2016, and test new features in Office apps.