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Kudos to Apple for making a cheaper iMac, but they could have done it much better

Apple should have taken a different approach with the company's new $1,099 iMac, which would have been a big win for both the company and consumers.


Adobe aims to turn iPad into ultimate sketch pad with smart stylus and ruler

Adobe's new stylus and digital ruler, Ink and Slide, are the company's first hardware products not because it wants to make gadgets, but it saw something designers needed as more of them go mobile.


New $1,099 21.5-inch iMac teardown reveals that users can’t upgrade RAM

One Mac hardware servicer tore down the new iMac, and found that it is not DIY-friendly at all.


E-retailer slashes 2014 11.6-Inch MacBook Air price by $199 to $700

After Best Buy cut the price on MacBook Air laptops and other Apple gear, a retailer on eBay is doing the same for one MacBook Air in particular. However, there are some details of this price cut that you should know about.


3D puppets mimic your every move in Pocket Avatars, Intel’s first app

Intel has announced its first app, a chat messaging program called Pocket Avatars that tracks your face and lets you send custom messages to friends using any face you want.


T-Mobile offers free music streaming, lets anyone try iPhone 5S for 7 days

T-Mobile is revealing the latest plans for the company as part of its massive Uncarrier strategy, including a bunch of new offers for customers from touting its data power to a free T-Mobile Test Drive.


Best Buy cuts MacBook Air laptops to as low as $650, but only for students

Best Buy is offering students a big discount on Apple's MacBook Air laptops. However, the price cut only applies to people who have student email addresses.


Apple introduces a new 21.5-Inch iMac that’s $200 cheaper

The financial barrier to entry on the iMac front just got a little more affordable. Apple just introduced a new entry-level iMac that is a couple of hundred bucks cheaper than the next best version you can get.


Facebook officially launches Slingshot app, competitor to Snapchat

After accidentally releasing its new Snapchat competitor, Slingshot, Facebook has made its latest mobile app official. Like Snapchat, users can send disappearing photos and videos, but with a catch.


New wearable Spire reduces stress by reminding you to breathe properly

A new wearable called Spire tells you to take a deep breath when you need it. The gadget tracks respiration, body position, and the intensity of exercise, too. Unlike most wearables, this one won't require a gym membership.


Apple and Samsung may have reached a patent deal

According to a recent report, Apple and Samsung might finally be headed to a ceasefire. While we've heard such a thing before, it seems more realistic than ever before.


Parallels Access now lets you access your PC or Mac using an iPhone or an Android device

Parallels Access, which previously was only available for the iPad, can now be used with Android gear, as well as the iPhone.


MyPermissions helps you keep apps from accessing your data

MyPermissions wants to protect your data from nosy applications. It shows users the ability too apps accessing information and allows you to block them. A new version of the service is now available for Android.


New Facebook iPad app emphasizes games and trending videos

Facebook is testing out a new update to its iPad app, which adds a sidebar for mobile game notifications, gaming suggestions, and trending content. The social network hopes to attract more game developers and players to its iPad app.


New bill may allow the government to regulate map apps

A new bill proposed by the Obama administration may give the U.S. Transportation Department regulatory powers over apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps. The aim is to crack down on distracted driving.