Own an iPhone 7? Try these 15 iMessage apps, sticker packs, games for iOS 10

The official version of Apple's iOS 10 is finally here, and that means you can download all the iMessage apps, stickers, and games that you want. Here are our top 15, and we'll continue to update this list as the iMessage app store…

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The future of the smart assistant is in Maps, according to Google

Google is working hard on its next-gen assistant, and it turns out that assistant could prove better than the rest. Why? Because of Google's Maps expertise, which will be a big part of the assistant.

Star Wars Studio FX app lets you create your own movies with your action figures

Action figures are great, but there is something a little static about them. A new app, called Star Wars Studio FX, aims at changing that. The app takes your Star Wars action figures and lets you create movies with them.

Orders for the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 2 are now live

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You can now ‘choose your own Home Button’ on the iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 has a slew of new features, one of which is the new haptic feedback home button, which you can actually set up yourself, according to a new unboxing video of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Consumers love the jet black iPhone 7, Slice Intelligence notes in data study

Slice Intelligence claims to be the "only direct measurement of all digital commerce activity and customer loyalty." When it comes to the iPhone 7, that activity points to some interesting new trends.

Teardown of iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Series Watch 2 reveals water-resistant glue

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