Apple Watch surpasses all other wearables by a large margin, according to report

The Apple Watch is the hottest wearable by a country mile, according to a new report that claims 75 percent of wearable sales were Apple branded. Samsung took second place in the battle, and analysts claim it will receive a large boost from…

Superior silicon: How Apple is beating chipmakers at their own game

Apple's latest A9 processors are incredibly quick, nipping at the heels of even Intel's hardware. That feat was accomplished in just half a decade, and challenges what the industry thought possible.

Rare interview with Apple's Phil Schiller reveals details of the MacBook's design

Apple VP Phil Schiller gave a rare extended interview, and revealed on space saving technique in the 2015 MacBook every reviewer seemingly missed.
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Best Buy Apple TV preorders ship November 4 while Apple stores start sales Friday

You can preorder the new Apple TV from Apple or Best Buy, but if you are willing to pay a few extra bucks, Apple will get it to you sooner.

Apple hits new heights with increased iPhone sales, iPad continues to slump

Apple reported 28 percent annual revenue growth in its 4th quarter financial results, with $51.5 billion in quarterly revenue and $11.1 billion in profit.

Apple rejects 3D-Touch weight-measuring app for misleading title, despite its accuracy

Apple's review team rejected an app that could accurately measure weight, utilizing the power of 3D Touch, for a "misleading title." Gravity would be the first app to properly use 3D Touch for weight measurements.

The Edmunds TV app for Apple TV brings car reviews and more into your living room has announced Edmunds TV, a car-centric application for Apple TV that allows customers to access vehicle reviews, road tests, and more from their television. The fourth-generation Apple TV starts shipping at the end of October.

Say hello to #dataoveragegate, Apple’s latest controversy that has created a class action suit

Did you get hit with a data overage bill after upgrading to iOS 9? A new feature called Wi-Fi Assist could be culprit. It has caused so much backlash, that a $5 million class action suit was filed over it this past Friday.

Fallout Shelter gets spooky with Halloween update

The latest update for Bethesda's mobile Fallout Shelter includes some Halloween-inspired decorations and costumes for your Vault and Dwellers. Update 1.21. features skeleton, elf, ghost, and pilgrim costumes.

Which MacBook model should you buy?

Apple's line-up of MacBooks has started to swell, leaving fans a bit confused about which they should buy. All of are decent systems, but there is one that currently stands out from the rest.
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Osmo Review

Osmo connects tangible toys with iPad games to keep your kids laughing and learning.