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Could the next Apple TV remote come with a finger print scanner?

We've already heard that the remote bundled with the next Apple TV may feature a touchpad, but it seems that Apple could be thinking much bigger, filing patents for a remote that could scan your fingerprint or even your retina.

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The 10 best iPhone 6 extended battery cases to keep the power flowing

You don’t have to curb your iPhone use as you watch that battery meter tick down, you could get yourself some extra juice. Why not invest in one of the best iPhone 6 battery cases and boost your phone’s stamina?


Line Lite app may be less than 1MB in size, but there’s still room for cute stickers

Messaging app Line has released a lightweight version of the main app named Line Lite. Designed for developing markets, it's less than 1MB in size and uses less data, but still manages to squeeze in some cute stickers.

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This amazing new antenna could stretch phone battery life, but nobody’s using it

This tiny antenna tuner uses a new type of technology that could improve the connection and increase the battery life of our smartphones, but manufacturers aren't letting it.


40 of our favorite iPhone 6 cases for style and protection

No one likes a bruised Apple. Scratches, scuffs, and cracks on a new iPhone 6 are enough to ruin anyone’s day. Check out the best iPhone 6 cases and get some protection on that shiny new smartphone.


The FTC frowns down upon Apple’s 30 percent cut of Spotify revenue

The FTC has launched a formal investigation into whether Apple's 30 percent App Store tax is unduly harming third-party music streaming services. The company is facing increased scrutiny in light of its own music service's launch.


Apple puts a stop to app reviews left by anyone with a device running iOS 9 beta

Apple has pulled the ability to review apps from devices running a beta version of iOS. The move is aimed at curbing the negative feedback given to apps that aren't configured to run on the new version yet.


The New York Times will offer free articles on Starbucks’ mobile app

The New York Times and Starbucks announced on Tuesday that some news articles would be available for free to Starbucks loyalty members via the Starbucks mobile app, starting in the first half of next year.


Cut down on your phone bill: How to reduce your data usage on Android or iOS

Minutes and texts belong to the past now. The focus of your smartphone worry today should be data. We take a look at how to reduce your data usage, avoid breaking your limits, and save yourself a little money.


Apple is making boatloads of money, but what about iPad and Apple Watch?

Apple continues to rake in the moolah, as the company revealed it generated $49.6 billion in revenue and $10.7 billion in profit, both of which are third quarter records. However, questions still linger when it comes to iPad sales, as well as Apple Watch…


Users report widespread issues with Apple Music, iTunes, other services

Users have been reporting issues with Apple Music,, along with a host of other Apple services this morning. The company has acknowledged the issues online, but hasn't made any official statement about what's causing the problems, or when they'll be fixed.


How to care for your laptop’s battery

Who doesn't have a love - hate relationship with their laptop battery? It chains us to that little battery life gauge and the dreaded decay of performance. But with the right practices, you can move the relationship more firmly towards love.


Apple makes another electric car move by hiring an auto industry veteran

There's been no official word from Apple on the existence of an electric vehicle project, but its latest high-profile hiring – of auto industry veteran Doug Betts – is the latest sign that the company may well be developing such a car.


This app makes it easy to split the check

Have you ever gone out to dinner with a group of friends and found it challenging to split the bill? Reserve, the app that aims to “serve as your personal dining concierge,” has updated both its iOS and Android app, so users can split the check evenly.


In the UK, you can fill up with your phone with Shell’s pay-at-pump PayPal service

Shell U.K. has launched its pay-at-the-pump PayPal service, which allows customers to purchase gasoline without entering the store. Called Fill Up & Go, the service is a part of the Shell Motorist app and works with Android and Apple devices.

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