Vintage erotica game found on ‘80s Mac would still be NSFW today

Reddit user finds vintage Macintosh SE with a rare Ethernet card on Craigslist. He repairs the unit, and to his surprise finds an early erotica-style game that would still today qualify as not safe for work.

10 annoying Apple Watch problems, and how to fix them

Have you been struggling with Apple Watch problems? We’ve compiled a list of the most common issues people are having and found workarounds and possible fixes to deal with them.

15 stylish iPhone stands and charging docks

If you’re looking for the perfect iPhone dock for your bedroom, or one to sit discretely on your office desk, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here. We’ve got all the best iPhone stands and docks for your perusal.

Yes, it’s popular, but is ‘Pokémon Go’ even a video game? We debate

Sometimes, we here at Digital Trends have strong opinions. This debate revolves around the popular app, Pokémon Go, which gaming writer Mike Epstein says is not a game. DT's Staff Writer Julian Chokkattu defends it.

PayPal vs. Venmo vs. Square vs. Google: Who makes the best app for sending cash?

Today, there are plenty of ways to send money to your friends, regardless of the platform. But which is the best for your individual needs and purposes? Here, we compare PayPal, Google Wallet, Venmo, and Square Cash to find out.

Proporta's making an iPhone case with a clever, customizable magic button

Phone cases usually have one job: To protect your phone. Case maker Proporta has other ideas, and is developing a folio case for the iPhone with a clever, customizable magic button in the cover.

Facebook's end-to-end encrypted feature goes live in Messenger for select few

Facebook is testing a new feature that will make your messages in Messenger more secure thanks to end-to-end encryption. Law enforcement, criminals, and even Facebook will not be able to intercept these messages.

The 7 best phablets money can buy

Phablets used to be a novelty, but now they're exceedingly popular, and it can be hard to know which ones are best. We've put together this list of the best phablets around to help you choose which whale of a phone to buy.

The Netatmo smart security camera recognizes who’s in your house and when

Security cameras are great, but they're not that smart yet. Netatmo wants to change that, and has come up with a smart security camera with facial recognition, so it's able to tell who's home, and when they're home.

Code for Google Maps beta shows ‘Wi-Fi Only’ mode, traffic notifications, and more

It looks like Google Maps could soon get a pretty substantial upgrade. According to a recent report, the beta version alludes to a Wi-Fi Only mode, live traffic notifications, and more.

How to get the iOS 10 public beta right now

Desperate to get your hands on iOS 10? Don’t want to wait until the fall? Find out how to get the iOS 10 public beta for early access right here. This guide will walk you through your options.

Apple launches public beta program for MacOS Sierra and iOS 10

Following hot on the heels of a developer beta that started at WWDC 2016, Apple has now opened registration for the public beta tests of two operating systems, iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra.