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People are already lining up to buy the new iPad

New iPad London line

If you missed out on pre-ordering the new iPad before the Apple Store completely sold out of its first round of inventory, it’s highly likely that you will have to wait the long, dreaded lines that wrap around your local Apple retailer this Friday when the iPad arrives in stores. But the local folks in England at SlashGear have already spotted two early birds who took it upon themselves to wait a whole week ahead of time to be the first to own the upgraded, Retina display tablets.

The two guys pictured above have camped outside of London’s flagship Apple Store since last Friday and came equipped with snacks, folding chairs, and warm sweatshirts to combat the city’s current winter. It’ll be a lonely wait until the iPads become available on March 16 and before other fans begin to line up 24 hours before the sale.

It is unknown whether the boys are here to buy a new iPad for themselves, or are trying to get extras to sell for profit since the hot commodity item will quickly sell out in the coming weeks. The Apple Store restricted a maximum of two pre-orders per person, and we expect the same policy to apply for in-store purchases. SlashGear also noted that a passerby offered to buy the boys’ place in line for as much as the cost of the iPad itself, meaning no matter what, the boys can make their money back for the time spent.

Still, waiting a week in line for some extra cash seem like a lot of time investment for a small gain. But at least the fanatics are gracing Internet’s front pages for the time being. Good luck to you both, Apple nerds.

Image Credit: SlashGear