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Steganos Offers Mac Users Anonymous Surfing

Steganos Offers Mac Users Anonymous SurfingPC users have had the ability to surf anonymously for quite some time, but now privacy software firm Steganos has extended that capability to those who ownMacs.   The release of their Internet Anonym VPN for the Mac OS means that Mac users, even those withIntel-based computers,  can now securely and anonymously surf using wireless connections from their homes or businesses, as well as Wi-Fi hotspots.   It works in the background by creatingan encrypted tunnel connecting the user’s computer and a Steganos VPN server. The SSL encryption used is similar to that employed by banks and e-commerce sites. It protects the data sent frominterception, even from the client’s ISP.   It also addresses two serious security concerns by protecting users who have unsecured connections through unknown IPs, and preventing databeing intercepted by other computers on a wireless connection.   According to the company, users can employ Steganos for all Internet activities, including file sharing and e-mail. The companydoesn’t store any information, and only keeps records of the packets for billing purposes, they claim.   The current price for the service is $14.95 a month for 25 gigabytes of traffic,although Steganos is also offering a discounted annual license. The main window of the software displays data usage. But if you have a Mac, you’ll need OS X 10.4 and 50 mb free space on yourhard drive to run it.   “This privacy need is an area not being addressed for Mac users, so it seemed like a good place to start a relationship with the Mac community,” said AstonFallen, CEO of Steganos. “Our research shows that no other products like this exist for Mac users.”