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Watch these people try to destroy the new iPad

iPad Drop Test

Resolutionary? Nope, just plain scary. If you’re a clumsy gadget owner and you haven’t purchased a protective case for your new iPad just yet, watching these videos might immediately change your mind.

In the first video, the people at SquareTrade (who appropriately enough sells iPad protection services) decided to take both the new iPad and the iPad 2 and compare them in a drop test. The tablets were dropped backside down from the waist level, then again glass side down from the waist and shoulder height. If that sentence seemed cringeworthy, you’re not alone. Even the people seen in the background of the video tensed up moments before the iPads were dropped. You can see how the iPads fared and what it looked like falling in slow moment to take in the impact of the drop.

We’re not gonna tell you how it ends because you can probably imagine the conditions of the iPads after three concrete kisses, but even though both iPads suffered a lot of glass shattering, the testers declared the iPad 2 the winner of the drop test. It’s a shame that a gadget worth hundreds of dollars aren’t as durable as you’d like.

Of course, this all may just be a marketing campaign to get users to purchase SquareTrade’s iPad protection plans. The video description, however, notes that SquareTrade won’t “cover intentional damage like you see in the video” so just because you have insurance on the thing, that doesn’t mean you can go and try to see how the iPad stands against falling out of your window. One year of SquareTrade’s insurance on the new iPad starts at $59.


In this second, more epic destruction of the new iPad, carnage was pretty much the only goal. RatedRR have been known to blow up various kinds of gadgets, from iPhones to Xbox 360’s. For the new iPad, they have decided to please the anti-Apple fanboys by giving the new iPad a taste of the HK 53 assault rifle, followed by an M4 shotgun. The video starts with the shooter narrating the specs of the guns and how powerful they are, before introducing their capabilities to the iPad’s surface. Unsurprisingly, the assault rifle flew completely through the iPad while the shotgun delivered to final blow. The shotgun bullet also caused the weakened glass to protrude outward and stay in that explosive stance.

The point of this wreckage? We can’t seem to locate one. Other than being completely over the top, the guys of RatedRR just seem to like breaking and blowing up gadgets while SquareTrade is at least trying to convince you to get protective gear for your iPad. Either way, these videos are not made for Apple fans or those who can’t even afford an iPad, but if you do own one, get yourself a cover and keep it far, far away from men with guns.