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Weekly Rewind: Facebook makes Timeline mandatory, Foxconn employee leaks iPhone 5 details, and the Megaupload saga continues

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Didn’t have time to keep up with every ripple in the technology pond this week? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most noteworthy stories from the last week.

The mandatory Facebook Timeline rollout is here

 While the rollout has been a slow process, Facebook is finally ready to push Timeline on all of its users, whether they like it or not. Users have had months to make the switch, but within the next few weeks it will no longer be a choice. Once you (willingly or not) get a Timeline, you will have one full week to dig through your online life history and pull out any potentially disastrous findings before any of your friends actually see them. This week we also gave you the low-down on how to fill in the gaps on your Timeline

Apple reports record quarter, Foxconn employee points to summer iPhone 5 launch

There is hardly a dead week for Apple news and this week is no exception. Earlier in the week we learned that despite the loss of Steve Jobs, Apple reported its largest quarterly revenue in the company’s history at $46.3 billion. With that news, it’s not surprising to find out that the company’s iPhone was more popular than all Android smartphones combined during Q4. The biggest Apple news of all, however, came from a chatty Foxconn employee, who pointed to a summer launch of the rumored and highly-anticipated iPhone 5. 

The Megaupload saga continues

With the Megaupload saga unfurling over the weekend, we came to you this week with a timeline of just what happened leading up to the arrest of founder Kim “Dotcom” Schmitz. In a message to users who kept files on the site for long periods of time, the DoJ warned that users should have known better and read the now-dead site’s terms of service. In other related news, we found out that Schmitz was ranked the #1 player in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and that he has been denied bail due to flight risk

Netflix may face competition from Amazon

Even though Netflix did better this quarter than was anticipated, the company’s strange policies are still causing many members to flee, and the downfall might get worse if Amazon joins the race. Word has it that the e-commerce giant is planning to release a competing service at a cheaper price. Whether Amazon can gain the content to beat out Netflix is another question, but at this point the company may be too wounded to put up a good fight.