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What does Siri look like? A competition endeavored to find out…

Those of you with an iPhone 4S will by now be well accustomed to chatting with Siri, the device’s virtual personal assistant happy to offer help and advice morning, noon and night — and even in the small hours when you really should be sleeping.

So familiar have some of you become with Apple’s voice-activated app that you may on occasion have found yourself asking the type of questions you’d never dream of asking someone in the real world for fear of receiving a slap in the face or a stare icier than a penguin’s bottom.

The thing is, after all of those long-into-the-night conversations covering a multitude of disparate topics, the likelihood is that by now you have an image in your mind of exactly how Siri looks.

Shapeways, a New York-based start-up specializing in customized 3D printing, was so curious about this idea that it recently decided to put the call out to members of its online community asking everyone to send in an image, video, sketch, or 3D model of how they thought Siri looked.

The two winners, who will both receive a 3D print of their entries, were announced on Wednesday, with some rather unexpected — albeit impressive — designs making it down to the last six.

“Some people were inspired by Siri’s heroic nature, others by its robotic tendencies, and some by Siri’s subtle feminine allure,” Shapeways said in a post on its blog.

Scroll down to see the finalists, but beware — the depictions may cause your own personal image of Siri to change forever.

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Winner: Omniscient Siri by SaGa Design

Winner: Personal Assistant Siri by Eddie Adolf

Superhero Siri by epicture

Smart Apple Siri by Insane Galvatron

Stressed Out Siri by Christia Fung

Bust of Siri by Edrice