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LG Ultra PC 14Z950
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Check out the best ultrabooks, as rated by Digital Trends’ expert reviewers.

Best UltrabooksUltrabooks are the latest trend to sweep across the laptop market. They are even thinner and lighter than ultraportables, and they always use solid-state drives. This category of laptop is usually easy to carry, but battery life is not always the best. The battery is usually integrated into the chassis, as well, which means it’s not easy for the user to replace.

These laptops start at reasonable prices (around $600) but premium versions are sold for well over $1,000 and represent the cutting edge of consumer computing. A consumer with a lot to spend can buy a laptop reinforced by carbon fiber, a laptop with high-quality 1080p displays or a laptop with an absurdly thin frame. Only Apple’s MacBook Air, undeniably the inspiration for the category, offers similar innovation.

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