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Best free iPod Touch games

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pocket planes icon ipod iphone ios game free appPocket Planes

Are you a fan of planes, trains and automobiles? Well, Pocket Planes only has one of those. But it’s so good, you won’t even remember the other two modes of transportation. Start out as a tiny airport that can only ship out a few passengers per flight and build up until you’re heading up the next big airline. Customize your company’s look with unique color schemes and uniforms, trade planes and parts with friends, and build your airborne empire to over 250 cities across the world.

pocket planes screenshot ipod iphone ios free game app


Hanging-with-friends-Free-Words-with-friends-Free-iconHanging with friends Free/Words with friends Free

Zynga’s Words and Hanging with friends games are uber-popular and you probably know someone who has at least one them. Words is Scrabble and Hanging is a twist on Hangman. Instead of a noose the characters hold balloons that float them up. Grab either one and challenge your friends.

Hanging-with-friends-Free-Words-with-friends-Free bubble-shooter-iconBubble Shooter Free

Who doesn’t love shooting bubbles? It’s been a gaming classic since the 1980s and this app doesn’t disappoint in the shooting of bubbles regard. Beyond the normal bubble wall that descends there are several different maps and modes to choose one. Just tap the screen and fire away.

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