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Best Laptop Accessories: Mice, Stands, Hard Drives, Chargers and More

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Belkin CushTop $35

Belkin’s appropriately named CushTop provides a much-needed buffer between scorching laptop bottoms and legs, and also includes a handy middle pocket for cords and chargers.


Iomega eGo III Portable Hard Drive $125

When the tiny hard drive built into your notebook starts getting cramped, take a breath of fresh air with another 500GB from Iomega’s sleek and portable eGo.


Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad $30

When your legs start to feel like Christmas hams beneath that $2,000 gaming notebook, cool off with Belkin’s laptop cooling pad, which uses a fan to push heat out and away.

belkin laptop cooling pad

Kensington Flylight 2.0 $20

Backlit keyboards make it a snap to type in the dark, but if your laptop doesn’t have one, Kensington’s Flylight 2.0 can light it up from above with a blast from eight efficient LEDs, which draw only 90 seconds of battery life for every hour of use.

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