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Best Laptop Accessories: Mice, Stands, Hard Drives, Chargers and More

Now that you have a laptop bag to protect your precious portable computer from damage, it’s time to grab a few laptop accessories. From wireless mice and external hard drivers to speakers and keyboard lights, these goodies will turn your feeble laptop into a fully customized portable workstation in no time.

Logitech V550 Nano $60

Never have your portable mouse around when you need it? Logitech’s V550 clips right to the top of your notebook with a sturdy button, ensuring it’s always an arm’s reach away.

logitech v550 nano

3M Gold Privacy Filters

Neighbors on the plane can’t seem to keep their eyes off that expense report you’re trying to fill out? Keep peeping toms at bay with 3M’s privacy filters – a film you lay over your laptop’s screen which appears to be invisible from straight on, but makes the screen impossible to read from side to side.


iGo Green Laptop Wall Charger $100

This universal charger will gas up just about every notebook under the sun with the right interchangeable tip, includes a USB port for charging accessories, and uses 85 percent less standby power than most others.

igo green laptop wall charger
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