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10 rugged SUVs you’ll want to explore the great outdoors in

Even with the latest hybrid technology, SUVs certainly won’t win any fuel efficiency contests, but they’re still hard to beat in terms of towing capacity and off-road prowess. And with gas prices lower than they’ve been in recent memory, their market share is increasing after years of slow but steady erosion. As of writing, it’s reasonably safe to take the SUV off the list of endangered species.

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Crossovers are the most common alternatives to traditional SUVs regardless of which segment you’re browsing. They’re generally better to drive and a lot more efficient but they’re not as capable, especially for buyers who are planning to go off the beaten path and/or tow something excruciatingly heavy on a regular basis. If you think a SUV is right for your family, read on to learn about ten of the best ones on the market today. We’ve singled-out models that provide space, off-road capacity, and grunt in spades.