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DT Deals: Dot iPhone Panorama Lens lets you shoot videos in 360 degrees

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The world is a beautiful place, just take a look around you. Oh, you say you can’t when you’re looking at photographs? Lame. Perhaps you can use this Dot iPhone Panorama Lens to truly capture videos in 360 degrees so you won’t miss a thing.

Dot DT Deals iphone lensThe Dot iPhone Panorama Lens allows you to shoot panoramic videos without needing you to move the phone around and hold steady. Instead, just lay your phone flat and let Dot do the work. When the video’s ready, the special player let will you drag the viewpoint around to watch your flick from all angles.

The cool iPhone lens is a product of a Kickstarter project, but if you wanted to buy one you’d have to fork over $40. Today’s DT Deals will knock off 28 percent so you can have your very own Dot for just $27.99. When you’re done taking pictures, you can also share them via the proprietary app, Facebook, Twitter, or email. The $28 price tag includes shipping, so get it now before it’s gone!

(images © Photojojo)