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DT Deals: Free Mac apps. Seriously, a bunch of ’em!

Don’t sweat over all the expenses you’ll have to make over back to school supplies. At the end of that long tunnel of a shopping list is light in the form of free Mac apps. To get you prepared for school, work, and just life in general, we’re giving away $151 worth of apps that can help with anything from Web design and photo editing, to PDF conversions and e-signature makers. These apps are designed to help foster creativity and productivity, and at no cost, you’ve got nothing to lose in trying these apps out. ¬†

While we’re on the topic of free stuff, there’s still time to enter our Macbook Air giveaway! Imagine if you were lucky enough to get a free computer¬†and free apps to put them in? You’d be the coolest person ever. Give DT Deals a shot at making you the coolest person ever.