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DT Deals: Cyber Monday comes early with this drone helicopter

Staying in this Black Friday? Good call. No pushing, shoving, early mornings rising, or smelly shoppers rushing you to checkout. Instead of waiting for that Cyber Monday deal, we’ve got one right here for all your penny pinchers. For a limited time, we offer you the remote-controlled Micro Drone complete with four rotors and USB rechargeable battery. Micro Drone is programmed to perform 360 flips and tricks, which doesn’t even include the one where it takes off after you accidentally plant it in the ground, sideways. Get this one ticked off your personal gift list now, so you can show up your snot-nosed little kid neighbors on Christmas Day who think they got the coolest presents on the block. Because nothing’s cooler than a drone … except maybe a 54-percent savings on a drone!

Come by the DT Deals store today and you can score the Micro Drone set for just $49, a huge shave off its original retail value of $108. Now that’s something worth being thankful for. Hurry in before the set sells out!