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DT Deals: Ring in the New Year with awesome graphic designs

Oh hello, happy new year! A new year means a fresh start, and what better way than to give yourself a little reinvention? No need to go overboard with a makeover – but a new website, business card, or even a T-shirt could be cool. Today’s DT Deals brings you graphic design service by 99designs, a crowdsourced website for designers to help make you the best version of yourself yet. For $25, you’ll get $50 in credit toward the service. Experienced designers can help give you some tips, ideas, or offer full redesigns without you spending the big dollars.

Although getting help for logo designs can be helpful, the 99designs crowd isn’t limited to just that. The diverse range of designers can offer ideas for mobile app design, brochures, menus, awnings, basically anything graphical. Reinventing yourself never came this easy.