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Brew a fine cup of joe with one of these five great coffee makers

Everybody loves a good cup of coffee, but finding a suitable coffee machine tends to frustrate and annoy. Take a look at our five picks for the best coffee makers currently on the market.
Cool Tech

Back to the future: 10 retro technologies that refuse to die

Think dot-matrix printers, boomboxes, and floppy disks are dead? Surprise, they're still being made. Check out a few of our favorite retro technologies that should have when we ushered in the digital age.

First to have an Apple Watch? Download these 25 apps to show off

Are you one of the early adopters of the Apple Watch? Then you get to enjoy the earliest batch of apps available for the new smartwatch. Here are the best ones the platform has to offer.
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Must-haves for your 2015 outdoor adventure

The great outdoors beckons. Upgrade that camp fire into a stove that turns firewood into a USB charge; grab a Titan Match to get it started, and some Bugs Away clothes to sleep through the night.

Come on, get healthy: Our favorite health apps for the warm weather ahead

You should take care of yourself all the time, but if you haven't been, now is the perfect opportunity to get back on track. Check out our favorite apps designed for improving your health.
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The best biking gear of 2015

2015 has barely begun and fresh bike commuter gear abounds. There's a collapsible helmet, to puncture-proof tires, and even smart bars. If you're looking for a new ride, there are even smart bikes with as much built in tech as a compact…