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This cup says it can make ordinary water taste like berries or cola purely through aroma 3:03

The Right Cup has aromatics and sweetness included during the manufacturing process, which trick your brain into thinking the plain water you're drinking is a fruit-flavored beverage.

Work out at home with our 10 favorite pieces of indoor fitness gear

You don't have to hibernate like a bear during the winter months, packing on the pounds to last you until spring. Check out our picks for the best indoor fitness gear, whether you're into muscle training or cardio.
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Buying on a budget? Here’s all the best tech you can snag for $25 or less

We live in a world where you can get a cheeseburger for $1, a functioning computer for $5, and thousands of HD movies for $10 -- so it stands to reason that you should be able to pick up some pretty sweet gear for $25.

5 potent gaming rigs you can build for the price of a console

Consoles are inexpensive, but gaming PCs can deliver superior performance for just a few bucks more. Here are 5 budget PC gaming builds that can slay a PS4 or Xbox One with ease.
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Grab the gear you’ve been waiting all year for with the best Cyber Monday deals

Get ready for the biggest online shopping day of the year with our handy guide to all the best Cyber Monday deals.