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The 7 best phablets money can buy

Phablets used to be a novelty, but now they're exceedingly popular, and it can be hard to know which ones are best. We've put together this list of the best phablets around to help you choose which whale of a phone to buy.

The best PC hardware deals of the week

Looking to buy a new PC, but don't have a lot of cash in your account? We have you covered. This week's deals include a capable 2-in-1, a beefy graphics card, and one of our favorite notebooks to date.

The best (and smartest) window air conditioners on the market

Trying to keep a room cool? Today's window AC units use less energy than ever - and some come with seriously handy smart tech: We've got a list for you!

More than a selfie stick: 5 GoPro extension poles that put you in the picture

You can call them selfie sticks, but these GoPro extension poles are made for more than just self portraits. They can go into the water, recharge your camera, or bend to fit weird spaces. Check out five of our current favorites.

15 best Nexus 5X cases to guard your Google phone

It’s always a risk to keep your smartphone naked. Why not take a look at the best Nexus 5X cases and covers, and see if you can find something that will suit your style and protect your new Android smartphone?

Lace up and head for the hills with the best hiking apps

If you're looking to go off-road and offline for an adventure, then you might want to check out some great hiking apps, and handy outdoors apps, to help you on your way. We've got everything from offline map apps, to apps that track the…

Making an animated GIF is easier than you think with these apps

Making an animated GIF isn't as hard as you might expect, no matter the device you use. Check out some of our favorite desktop and mobile software, whether you want to record yourself, capture your screen, or pick a clip from a web.

Immerse yourself with our 10 favorite Xbox One headsets

The Xbox One might not tout a headset selection quite as vast as the last-gen Xbox 360, but there are a few hallmarks. Check out our current picks for the best Xbox One headsets, whether you're looking for virtual surround sound or…

Camp, grill, or just find fireworks with the perfect apps for July 4

It's America's birthday, meaning it's time to celebrate. Make this the best Independence Day yet with the help of these apps, which promise to make the most of your Fourth of July celebration.

OnePlus 3 plus one case equals protection: Here are the best OnePlus 3 cases

Every smartphone needs a little protection. Check out a few of our favorite cases and covers for the OnePlus 3, so you can protect your new device and outfit it with a touch of added style.

Digital Camera Buying Guide: What to look for and what to avoid

Is your smartphone camera enough for you? Do you need a point-and-shoot, mirrorless, or DSLR? Should you buy online or in a physical store? We answer these and more questions in our camera buying guide.