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The Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans: Top Pay-As-You-Go Cellular Phone Services Compared

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The little prepaid cell phone carrier that no one has ever heard about actually has quite a good reputation thanks to its dirt-cheap prices and reliance on Verizon’s relatively large and reliable CDMA network. By buying minutes in $80 bulk packages, you can get them down as low as 6 cents apiece, and an unlimited talk and text plan goes for only $40 a month. PagePlus offers a fairly dismal selection of older phones, but a close relationship with Verizon makes it easy to move hand-me-downs from that service directly onto PagePlus. Just beware: The carrier has also been the victim of its own success in some ways. “They used to have the best customer service in the business, but since they’ve unveiled the unlimited plan, they’ve been getting a little overloaded,” says Pawlikowski.

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