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2015 Bentley Continental GT Speed First Drive

Taking the 2015 Bentley GT Speed to 183 mph – ignoring the fact it’s the fastest I’ve ever been – is a rather astonishing achievement. Why? 183 isn’t even scratching the surface of the GT Speed’s potential. In fact, it can hit 206.

The changes between 2014 and 2015 for the GT Speed are subtle but stunning. Aside from the up-rated W12 engine power output, both the exterior and interior have been improved.

The exterior, when fitted with the Mulliner Styling Specification, now features a new, body-color sharp front splitter, sporty side skirting, and rear diffuser. To set off the body paint, a dark tint finish is applied to the 21-inch Speed wheels, headlights, and taillights. Then, to further draw out the darkened features, red paint is applied to the massive brake calipers.

Believe it or not, Bentley builds more 12-cylinder engines than any other automaker on the planet. And for 2015, its outstanding W12 engine produces even more power than before.