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Big brakes, stiff seats and copious carbon fiber from day 1 at SEMA 2013

We’re finally here on the show floor at SEMA 2013 here in Las Vegas. We’ll skip the requisite rigmarole and cut straight to the good stuff: a JP Edition Hyundai Genesis Coupe and a Scion FR-S.

First up: the JP Edition Hyundai Genesis from John Pangilinan. When Pangilinan set to build his edition of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, he believed “less is more.” Accordingly, he shaped the car to be both aspiration and attainable.

Bolting up a big Brembo brake kit, JP’s team ensured whatever powerplant tricks they employed would be well matched by proper stopping power. Not only do Brembos stop incredibly well, they look great doing it.

Then the JP team fitted KW suspension components to drop the body over the snazzy new racing wheels and tires. I think you’ll agree that the ride height is just right thanks to the KWs.

Pangilinan astutely notes in the video above that the cockpit is where you spend most of your time in the car. Appropriately, he wanted to make it both sporty and comfortable. He chose Sparco sport seats backed by a functional harness bar that received street legal Takata body harnesses, which will look boss wrapped around whatever honey you toss in the passenger seat.

Next we swung over to see Ben Schaffer from Bulletproof Automotive to check out one of our favorite sports cars: the Scion FR-S. Schaffer and the Bulletproof team picked up this FR-S straight from Scion before they tore it apart, correspondingly, it only has 29 miles on it.

Once they go the stock 200 horsepower motor out, they went to work Frankensteining the poor little boxer engine. You can see they did a ton to this thing, including adding a honking turbo. While the team is still tweaking the settings, they’ve already sailed past 500 hp on the engine, which is simply mental on an engine that still runs on pump gasoline.

Bulletproof, just like JP, did a fantastic job on the interior materials and fit and finish. They added gold and red Alcantara to well, everything, which we think really pops against the white exterior. Then the Bulletproof boys added carbon fiber bits to the interior to match the exterior components, which, we all know, adds at least 100 hp.

Schaffer says Bulletproof is going to run their built FR-S against an LFA on the track. We can’t wait to see the results of that in-brand battle.

That concludes our look at SEMA 2013 Day 1. Be sure to check back soon for our Day 2 coverage and much, much more!