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Flake concept car video

Check out the futuristic and sci-fi inspired Flake Concept from budding designer Da Feng. The car, which is only a design concept, features hundreds of active body panels allowing the car to morph and react differently depending on the road surface. The panels allow the body to assist with decreasing drag, slowing the vehicle,and cornering along with collecting solar power.

While active aerodynamics are slowly making their way into production vehicles, the Flake concept illustrates just how far the application for such technology can extend to. The video shown is a rendition that Feng created to illustrate his vision which is truly ambitious and inspirational, which is exactly what the self described artist, designer, and futurist intended to do as he humbly states, “I know this car is ridiculous, and I know it wont work, but it was never intended to be a practical solution rather an inspiration for others.”