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Hands on with Apple CarPlay

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Previously, getting CarPlay in your car has meant, well, getting a new car. And not a cheap one. Right now, the system only appears in select new models from Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo. Apple does have deals in place with giant automakers like GM, Ford, Honda and Toyota, but it will take some time before it actually appears in cars from those companies. That means if you want CarPlay today, you’re buying from Pioneer or Alpine, the first two companies to offer CarPlay baked into aftermarket decks.

But with Pioneer’s NEX receivers starting at about $700, stepping up to CarPlay still isn’t “cheap.” We’ve seen it demonstrated on video and in stationary vehicles before, but how does it perform on the streets? And in cars – like yours – where it hasn’t been built in?

Simply put, it takes everything you want from your iPhone and bakes it into your dashboard.

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