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MyFord Mobile app demo – Find and control your Ford Focus Electric on a smartphone

Today at the Ford Focus Electric event in New York City, we got to check out a demo version of the MyFord Mobile app, which will let owners of the Focus Electric, and other Ford plug-in EVs, control a number of cool things related to their new car. Most importantly, it lets owners start or stop charging and set charging schedules related to the cost of electricity. For instance, since people are using less electricity at night, it may cost less to charge your Focus at night and the app automatically figures out the best time to charge each night (a nightly charge should run you about $2 a day).

Using a MapQuest engine (Yep…MapQuest), MyFord Mobile also helps you find nearby charging stations and easily lets you know if you’ll have enough power to reach any destination and how well you’re going to have to drive to get there (items in yellow were only reachable if you didn’t hit the gas the whole way there). You can enter your own destinations and save them. 

The app will also do things like help you unlock your car (unless I heard wrong), give you FourSquare-style achievement badges, show you how much money you are saving, warm up your car in the morning, and will show you where your car is if you lose it in a parking lot–a feature we will be using constantly. 

MyFord Mobile will be available on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry when the Ford Focus Electric hits dealerships in December. Strangely, though the reps demoed the app on a Windows Phone 7 device. We assume the app will come to Windows Phone at some point. After all, Microsoft technology is embedded in it. A Web portal will also be available.