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2014 Corvette unveiling to be live streamed

The launch of the 2014 “C7” Corvette is one of the most anticipated debuts of this year’s Detroit Auto Show. These kinds of events tend to be attended by just a handful of lucky souls, but this time Chevrolet will be live streaming the event. That means, for once, you’ll know what the car looks like the exact second that the members of the press find out. The styling differences between the C6 and C7 generations of the car probably won’t be anything too extreme, but the C6 is starting to look a bit dated and an update is coming at just the right time.

The changes to the mechanical workings of the car are expected to be a slightly more dramatic. The engine will be all-new, and although it’s likely to be at least a bit smaller than the 6.2-liter V8 found in the current Corvette, it will probably produce about the same 430 horsepower. It’s expected that the C7 will be the result of an effort to improve the power-to-weight ratio by making the car lighter, rather than by adding more power. That, in theory, means that the C7 will also probably get improved fuel economy as well, although it’s unlikely that most Corvette buyers think of this as a top priority.

The C6 Corvette did an excellent job of making it difficult to justify why anyone should spend any more on a sports car than the price of a Corvette, and the C7 is expected to do an even better job of this.