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Unleash the Beast: Go behind the scenes with Rezvani’s 500-hp carbon fiber supercar

Rezvani Motors has released a new behind-the-scenes video of its Beast supercar. The short film was shot by Integrity Media, and shows the 500-horsepower vehicle in all its glorious, smoky action.


Subaru’s 2016 BRZ sports car gets a $300 price cut and adds new standard equipment

Subaru has announced pricing and specs for its 2016 model year BRZ, which drops to $26,190 while adding new standard features. At $300 less than the 2015 model, Subaru adds a 6.2-inch infotainment system for all trims.


Designed for South Africa, Hyundai’s first N-badged model is a warm hatch at best

Hyundai has introduced the very first member of its long-awaited N sub-brand. Designed for South Africa, the i20 N gets very minor mechanical upgrades, a new suspension setup, and a more aggressive look thanks to a full body kit and alloy wheels.


British tuner Kahn Design turns the retro dial up to 11 with a 1930s-inspired sports car

Kahn Design is putting the final touches on an open-top sports car dubbed Speed 7. Inspired by Grand Prix racers of the 1930s, the Speed 7 boasts wouldn't look out of place in a black and white photo of the 1937 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Acura's luxurious RLX Sport Hybrid is the ultimate antidote to hybrid naysayers

Acura’s RLX sport sedan get the hybrid treatment, but does the promise of fuel saving also mean a sacrifice of performance?

  • Pros: Top of the line hybrid technology , Luxurious Interior…
  • Cons: Road noise higher than expected

In the future, buying a car involves no pressure, no lies, no leisure suits

The days of toupee-wearing crooks picking your pocket for every last cent are coming to a close as the Internet drives car dealers toward transparency and convenience.


Jeep’s Grand Cherokee Trackhawk will punish performance SUV rivals at half their price

FCA has revealed that the upcoming Jeep Gran Cherokee Trackhawk will outperform all of its performance SUV rivals. Its supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 will develop 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque.


Dodge revealed its all-new Charger and Barracuda Convertible to its dealers in Las Vegas

Dodge showed its all-new Charger and a Barracuda convertible to its dealers in Las Vegas, NV. Both vehicles will be based on the new Alfa Romeo Giulia's lightweight rear-wheel drive platform.


Designed largely in Europe, the new Kia Sportage gets a head-turning look

Kia has published the first official images of the all-new Euro-spec Sportage. Set to bow in Frankfurt, the crossover gets a more evocative-looking design accented by a low grille, swept-back headlights, and sharp LED tail lamps.


Lexus will use the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell technology in its LS flagship sedan

Lexus will reportedly unveil new fuel cell models before 2020, including its LS flagship sedan. Other models to receive hydrogen technology will be the Crown sedan and Estima minivan.


Chrysler killed the 300 SRT in the U.S., but Australians can buy an upgraded version of it

Chrysler axed the 300 SRT in the United States, but the hot-rodded sedan still lives on in global markets like Australia. It features a 6.4-liter Hemi V8, an eight-speed automatic transmission and a more upscale cockpit with soft-touch surfaces.


Chinese billionaire developing a Model S-fighting EV called Le Supercar

Wealthy Chinese entrepreneur is hoping to take on the Tesla Model S with a new EV called Le Supercar. Set to go on sale in 2018, the Le Supercar is being designed by a team of 600 employees that includes former Lotus, Tesla and BMW employees.


To make the F-Pace SUV handle properly, Jaguar rummaged through its parts bin

The Jaguar F-Pace will debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show with some borrowed elements from other Jaguar models, including the F-Type. Will that makes it the sports car of SUVs?


Sorry purists, Nissan’s next Z car could be a Juke-sized crossover

Succumbing to crossover fever, Nissan could turn the iconic Z car into a small crossover that will be about the same size as a Juke. If the rumor proves true, the Z on stilts will be previewed by a concept at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.


Honda’s 2 & 4 concept will combine elements of cars and motorcycles

Honda says its oddly-named Frankfurt Motor Show concept will combine elements of cars and motorcycles. The Japanese company's car and bike design teams worked together on the project.


Verizon’s Hum gives your old car a new brain

Hum, a little Verizon gizmo with a friendly name, brings the safety and diagnostic capabilities of a brand-new car to models that have already been on the road for nearly two decades.


Uber expands self-driving car project with University of Arizona partnership

Ride-hailing company Uber said Tuesday it's linked up with the University of Arizona to help advance its driverless car project. The partnership will involve work on optics technology to develop its self-driving car's mapping system and safety features.


Google patents a system for cars that maps potholes

Google has patented a system for cars capable of automatically detecting potholes in roads. It relies on a combination of GPS and motion detectors to pinpoint damaged cement.

Android Army

5-0 ahead! Cobra's latest radar detector uses your phone to spread the word

The DSP 9200 BT is Cobra’s first radar detector to use a digital processor, which results in increased range, more accuracy, and less false alerts.

  • Pros: Digital processor keeps false alerts to a minimum…
  • Cons: Price may drive some people away , Underwhelming display…

Jay Leno takes a 400-horsepower Mazda RX-3 for a spin: ‘It makes great noises!’

A recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage featured a segment on a uniquely customized Mazda RX-3. Owned by professional MMA fighter Savant Young, the Japanese vehicle features a modified version of the RX-7’s rotary engine with around 400 horsepower.


Leaked images of Honda’s updated CRZ crop up online showing new face and trims

Low-quality leaked images of the facelifted Honda CR-Z have appeared online showing a new front and rear fascia and revised cabin. It's unclear if the CR-Z's hybrid powertrain has been modified.


Hack me not: Auto manufacturers form an alliance to prevent future cyber attacks

Global automakers will form an entity to share and analyze information to plug software vulnerabilities that may exist in cars. The alliance will most likely be established by the end of this year.


Brits love V8 manual Ford Mustangs, and Shelby is on its way to crank things up

Ford has released a report on the buying choices U.K. customers have made when selecting the newly available Ford Mustang. Mustang specialty tuner Shelby has also recently begun making plans to follow the muscle car’s popularity overseas.


Jaguar is preparing a crossover army to battle key luxury players, led by its F-Pace

Jaguar is reportedly planning a full crossover range, starting with the F-Pace. The new models will go head-to-head with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Lexus for premium crossover market share.