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A123 Systems bankruptcy causing a temporary shutdown of Fisker production

As if Fisker wasn’t having a bad enough year already. A123 Systems, the former battery supplier for Fisker, went bankrupt recently in what is proving to be a horrible convoluted and time-consuming process. And while the courts try to figure out what parts of the company go where, Fisker has been left without batteries for their cars. Though they had stockpiled some before A123 went completely under, this stock has run out, and Car & Driver is reporting that Fisker is now temporarily shutting down production until a solution can be found.

Ideally, the solution for Fisker would be for someone else to buy A123 and start up production again, but there is news from The Detroit Bureau that Fisker is looking for a partner. This partnership hunt isn’t directly related to the battery shortage, but in theory it could be a solution to this problem as well. Fisker simply hasn’t had a good year, and they are looking for a partner to share procurement costs with. Henrik Fisker has admitted that this hasn’t been the best year for the company which bears his name, but he also stressed that the company is not for sale either. Fisker already deals pretty extensively with BMW, which is where they get the range extender engines from, but Fisker seems to be looking for something bigger now.

Quite a lot of Fisker’s problems have come down to simple bad luck, and this latest setback is just one more example of how difficult it is to be a small carmaker these days. Hopefully it can all get sorted out soon, as Fisker has had to delay their debut for the Chinese market, where lots of potential sales are waiting for them.