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Aston Martin said to be weighing V12 option for the Cygnet

The Cygnet has never been very popular with the more devoted Aston Martin’s fans. The rebadged Toyota iQ city car is often regarded as an affront to the marque’s good name, even if it is necessary to keep it in the lineup for fleet emissions purposes. The 1.3-liter engine and the 97 horsepower that it produces just aren’t in keeping with the company’s performance image. So the idea of a Cygnet with a more appropriate engine is popular in some circles, even if it is largely wishful thinking. Back in August, a rumor surfaced that Aston was looking into the possibility of shoehorning the Vantage’s V8 engine in the Cygnet. This proved to be untrue, and now the rumor mill has provided us with a new and even harder to believe scenario.

Autocar reports that Aston Martin has undertaken a feasibility study and concluded that their 6.0-liter V12 power plant would fit in the Cygnet’s engine bay, requiring modifications which are “significant but not insurmountable”. The idea of a V12 in the Cygnet seems a bit far-fetched, but it wouldn’t be the only time an automaker did something  that insane. It has only been five years since Volkswagen put a W12 engine in a GTI, and it was just a few years before that when Dodge built a V10 motorcycle. Of course, neither of these ever made it into production, and even if every word of this rumor is true, it doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing V12 Cygnets in dealerships.

In fact, Aston Martin has already denied that they are planning to build the hyper-Cygnet. They did not, however, deny that they had undertaken the feasibility study. It’s hard to deny that such a thing would be cool, and nobody would blame them for thinking about it. The project could also be compared to Nissan’s Juke-R, where the drivetrain from the GT-R supercar killer was put into the diminutive Juke crossover. This is actually making it into very limited production for a handful of customers in the Middle East, and is probably the reason why these rumors about muscle-bound Cygnets seem plausible. It is a very weird and unlikely idea, but stranger things have happened in the automotive industry.