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Audi TT to become a more serious sports car, move further upmarket

Since the first generation of the TT debuted back in 1998, it has always been a fun car to drive. Most versions weren’t especially powerful, the new TT RS being the exception, but it is an entertaining car, thanks in no small part to being so closely related to the VW Golf. But even though the rounded cuteness of the first generation TT has been toned-down a bit for the current generation, there is still a bit of that “chick car” look in the styling. But now Car & Driver report that Audi will be making the gap between the TT and the A8 smaller, moving the little car further upmarket. What exactly this means in terms of performance isn’t entirely clear, but the 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine will play a prominent role. The top-trim TT RS will also be carried over, with the next generation producing 400 horsepower, compared to the current car’s 360.

Weight saving will also apparently be an important means of extracting a bit more performance, although what form this will take hasn’t been made clear. The current TT is built on the VW Group A5 platform, which also underpins the Gold, the Jetta and a half-dozen other FWD cars. But the next generation will move from the A platform to the new VW MQB platform, which will also be shared by quite a few other cars, but is designed to be much more scalable than the A platform. The styling will be much more angular, which Audi moving to create a better distinction between their models. However, Audi will not be undergoing the kind of huge styling shift that proved so controversial for BMW 10 years ago.