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Can AeroVironment make purchasing EVs easier with bundled charging stations?

AeroVironment working to offer electric cars and chargers as a single packageAerospace and energy company AeroVironment is looking into ways to make electric vehicle owner’s lives a little easier and perhaps even a little more attractive. As Autoblog Green reports, AeroVironment is working to have the cost of a home charger (typically upwards of $1500) included with the finance package and monthly payments of an EV.

The company is already working with Nissan to offer the option through Nissan dealers for the LEAF, and is currently in talks with BMW and Mitsubishi as well. The charging stations consist of EVSE-RS Level 2 240-volt chargers, and AeroVironment claims it would guarantee installation within 4 days of your vehicle purchase. Should you desire it, you could also choose this option with a plug-in hybrid, although it would be less critical since the smaller battery packs can be charged much faster, even from a regular outlet.

Without question charging stations are the preferred method of re-juicing those heavy lithium-ion batteries. Sure you can plug your car into a standard 120-volt wall outlet, but it’s a painstakingly slow process, which often requires hour after hour of charging.

Of course anyone with a cell phone or laptop knows it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to bundle cables and wall chargers with their battery-powered devices. After all, nobody wants their battery levels dropping lower than a diabetic’s blood sugar. Electric vehicles on the other hand are a different story and are rarely offered with the same convenient home charging option.

We’re not entirely sure how much AeroVironment’s efforts will help in spurring EV sales. Potential adopters of EV cars have more pressing concerns regarding vehicle range and overall vehicle cost than they do over bundled charging station options. Still, it’s a novel idea and one we are surprised has taken so long to be proposed. Those who have already decided on an EV will surely appreciate the option, and who knows, it could be the icing on the cake that helps sway individuals teetering on the electric fence.