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Car accessories holiday gift guide

Car accessories holiday gift guide
2012 Holiday Gift GuideLet’s be honest: you’re not going to get your car-obsessed friend an actual car for the holidays. But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve his or her driving life. The following is a list of some of the best car tech gifts money can buy. Whether it’s a simple charger, a sophisticated app, or an FM transmitter, our 2012 car accessories holiday gift guide has something for everyone.

Motorola Roadster 2 car gift guide 2012Motorola Roadster 2, $50

The Motorola Roadster 2 is the perfect companion for drivers wishing to stay in touch while on the go. In addition to its speaker system with dual-microphone noise cancellation technology, the Roadster 2 integrates with Android phones via the MotorSpeak app to dictate and reply to incoming text messages. Rounding out the Roadster 2’s feature list is an FM transmitter that allows you to listen to your calls and stream music wirelessly over your car’s speaker system, as well as turn-by-turn navigation through your smartphone via its embedded A2DP Bluetooth.

Monster iMotion 3000 car ipad ipod iphone sync dock chargeMonster iMotion 3000, $100

If you’re looking for a car charger with a little style and geek chic, look no further than the Monster iPlay 3000. In addition to charging your iPod, iPhone, and iPad, the device allows you to pause, play, and skip tracks all with a simple wave of your hand. For those of you with devices that are particularly thirsty, the Monster iPlay 3000 delivers 2.1 amps for fast and efficient charging.

Griffin SmarTalk Solar car gift guide 2012 bluetoothGriffin Smart Talk Solar, $70

For those searching for a more efficient and “green” hands-free speakerphone, the Grffin SmartTalk Solar is your best bet. It might not be as feature-packed as the Motorola Roadster 2, but its built in solar charger means you can simply set it (on your windshield) and forget it (while the solar panel on the back keeps it charged). Further adding to the simplicity, the SmartTalk Solar allows for easy Bluetooth auto connect, meaning once paired, the device will automatically connect to your smartphone every time you enter your car.

Cobra iRadar car gift guide 2012Cobra iRadar, $130

Now you can help a friend or loved one dodge the long arm of the law with the Cobra iRadar. This nifty gadget alerts drivers to upcoming speed and red light cameras, speed traps, and dangerous intersections. Alerts can be relayed to an Apple or Android smartphone via the devices integrated free app. While the device can work without a paired smartphone, those that make use of the app have access to real-time alert information from other iRadar users.

Go Pro Hero 2 HD car gift guide 2012Go Pro HD Hero 2, $220

When you’re out there on the track or introducing Mother Nature to your four-wheeled machine, wouldn’t it be nice to capture it all in stunning HD? Well, with the GoPro HD Hero2, now you can. Simply suction the camera on the inside or outside of your vehicle and begin recording. The GoPro HD Hero 2 features a wide range of video playback including 720p, 960p, and 1080p, and can even capture 11 megapixel still photos.

MediaBridge charger ios device chargeeMediabridge Charger for iPhone/iPad, $13

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that prove most useful. Sporting a 2.1amp USB port and another 1.0 amp port, the Mediabridge High Output Dual USB Car Charger can quickly and efficiently charge an iPad and iPhone simultaneously, perfect for that tech savvy driver on the go. A built in over charge protection system switches the power supply to a trickle charge once a device battery has reached maximum capacity.

Kiwi WirelessKiwi Wireless ODB scanner, $100

The Kiwi Wireless ODB scanner is the perfect gift for any aspiring drivetrain doctor or do-it-yourselfer. Simply plug the device into the OBDII port and mount it anywhere in your car. Through the Kiwi, users gain access to their vehicles’ onboard computer, which is then relayed to an iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone. Once connected, the Kiwi allows users to run diagnostics when the “check engine” light is illuminated and monitor their vehicles performance through a number of apps in the iTunes App Store (Rev, DashCommand, FUZZYCar, SpeedPORT, etc.).

Powerlight Coffee converterOriginal Power Coffee Cup Inverter, $35

For those that might appreciate a little humor this holiday season, the Powerline Power Cup is the perfect charging solution. It’s unique coffee cup design allows it to sit in most coffee holders and provides a sturdy alternative to more traditional chargers that often stick out awkwardly from the console. The Power Cup provides 200-watt continuous and 400-Watt peak power via a 120-volt AC outlet, meaning drivers can charge a wide array of devices including portable DVD players, laptops, electric shavers, and more. There is even a nifty USB port on top to charge your smartphone. Just make sure your passengers don’t drink out of it!

Dynolicious car data app logger iphone ipod ipad mobile appDynolicious, $13

The iPhone is a remarkable device and with the right app can be a huge resource for gearheads, track-day enthusiasts, or the casual car owner. Using the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer, Dynolicious can provide a whole host of functions, like monitoring your vehicle’s 0-60 mph time, quarter mile time, horsepower, and lateral G’s. Want to show off your ride? Dynolicious also allows users to post their vehicles performance metrics to Twitter and Facebook.

iOnRoad road safety augmented reality appiOnRoad, $5

The roads can be a scary place, especially during the holiday season where last-minute shoppers are scrambling to get gifts for their loved ones with little regard for the rules of the road. Well, how’s about you give the perfect gift and keep your loved ones safe with iOnRoad app for Android? iOnRoad provides safety tech features similar to those found in higher-end vehicles by utilizing an Android phone’s native camera, GPS, and sensors, to detect vehicles in front of the vehicle. The app provides collision detection in real-time and relays an audio-visual message alerting drivers of possible danger so that they can take evasive action or apply their brakes.

Coby Wireless transmitter car gift guide 2012Coby Wireless Transmitter, $35

Let’s face it, not everyone drives the latest greatest set of wheels, but that doesn’t mean your techtastic lifestyle has to cease. With the Coby Wireless FM Car Transmitter, drivers can stream music from a portable device wirelessly. Have a smartphone but no Bluetooth audio streaming? No problem. The Coby Wireless transmitter lets you stream music to your cars stereo over an FM frequency through your devices 3.5 mm stereo plug. It’s a simple and easy way to upgrade your vehicles tech without getting a whole new set.